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Menow Kissproof Soft Lipsticks [Swatches + Review]

Today’s post is about Menow Kissproof Soft Lipsticks which has been talk-of-the-town since last year. 

Bumped into these babies during our Divisoria trip a few months ago and decided to purchase 5 out of 19 shades to finally try it myself. Got mine for 60php while it retails for 80php and above in online stores. 
They comes with a box and a piece of paper with the product description and expiration date. Menow is a brand from China and finding it in Divisoria doesn’t make it fake. They just sell it at an affordable price. However, if you are the sensitive type, you might want to check the ingredients first before trying it on your lips.

Menow Kissproof Soft Lipstick has a pointed tip which I find it easier in lining your outer lips. However, you need to sharpen the tip once it has worn out.

I know they have “Menow Kissproof Sharpener” also available for purchase.

Menow Kissproof Soft Lipsticks in #9, #14, #15,#17, #18 Swatchfest

I tested it under running water and I was impressed that the swatches stayed intact and vibrant. I also tried to rub it off using my fingers but gave up since it was really hard to remove.


You better use oil-based make up remover.

Moving on to the lip swatches! 

Menow Kissproof Soft Lipsticks in #15
Menow Kissproof Soft Lipsticks in #9
For me, #9 and #15 looks similar having this nude pink color. #15 looks more vibrant though and has a pink undertone. For these shades, I applied 2 to 3 layers for the color to stand out but be careful on adding layers cause it tends to be cakey and flaky.
Menow Kissproof Soft Lipsticks in #18
#18 is a true red color which can be used on a special occasion. I love that it brings an instant pop of color on my face. It also has nice color pay off and very easy to apply.
Menow Kissproof Soft Lipsticks in #14

My most favorite is the #14 which is a hot pink shade and can be paired to any kind of eye makeup look.

For me, it is not too light or not too dark. Actually, I can see myself wearing this with full brows and a little bit of pink blush. 

I have no lip swatch of #17 because the tip fell off after I swatched it on my arm. 🙁

Menow Kissproof Soft Lipstick has a creamy consistency and glides smoothly on lips. Adding the pointed tip which makes the application easy peasy. You might need more effort for the light shades (#9, #15) to stand out unlike the dark shades (#14, #18)  where one layer is enough to show its color. It has a dry matte finish where your lips tend to dry in the long run. So if you have dry lips to start with like I do, better to moisturize your lips beforehand. Longevity-wise, it can last for 5 hours like any other matte lipsticks.

When it is time for a retouch, I prefer to remove the lip color totally and apply a new one instead of adding a layer on top of the old one. As I’ve mentioned, adding layers of it makes your lips drier and cakey.


Lastly, you might think if this is really kiss-proof? A big YES!

I highly recommend Menow Kissproof Soft Lipsticks for all the ladies out there! Super affordable where even students can afford to buy. They have 19 shades to choose from, from nude to bold colors that are suitable for all ages. And most importantly, they are proven to be KISS PROOF!

Have your tried Menow Kissproof Soft Lipsticks?
What is your favorite shade?
Please let me know in the comment section below!

Thank you very much!


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