Celebrate Wellness with Ysabel’s Daughter Bath & Body

Jun 28, 2016 | Beauty & Fashion | 31 comments

From the moment I learned that I was pregnant, I revamped my skincare routine and replaced most of the products into organic ones.

I was afraid of the fact that my chemical exposure is so high that might affect my baby’s chances for a normal, healthy life. I used organic products during my entire pregnancy until my baby was born. And not because I’m not pregnant anymore, that doesn’t stop me from using synthetic-free products. You can still find them in our bathroom and the whole family uses them too!

So when I received an invitation for a #WellnessWeekend organized by Ysabel’s Daughter, I didn’t think twice and confirmed right away.

Ysabel’s Daughter is proudly Philippine-made and 100% all natural and synthetics-free bath and body products using the finest raw materials from around the globe. Ms. Coty Cruz – Ysabel’s daughter herself, believes that synthetic chemicals can cause adverse reactions and she feels very strongly about keeping her products natural and toxic-chemicals-free.


One of the main ingredients of all Ysabel’s Daughter’s products is honey that comes from their very own backyard bee colony. It is said that bees are the creators of the best natural sweeteners in the world. Honey’s antibacterial and healing properties were recognized by the ancient Greeks, who considered it medicine; it was also used during the Second World War to treat soldiers’ wounds.

Honey also has the ability to disinfect, moisturize, clarify and soothe skin, protect against skin damage and promote healing. 

Apart from celebrating wellness, Ysabel’s Daughter also shares their newest line of bar soaps and face and body mists. The Verbena and Grapefruit flavor.


Ysabel’s Daughter is meant to help create a healthy balance of the mind, body. And spirit for an overall feeling of well-being.


Know more about Ysabel’s Daughter Bath & Body by visiting their website at http://ysabelsdaughter.com/ (website to be updated)

To order:
http://ysabelsdaughter.com/ (website to be updated)
[email protected]
0918 887 1886

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  1. Lisa

    I definiately need to get my hands on these! They look and sound pretty awesome!

  2. Amy Jones

    This product must feel so soothing, I want to give it a try

  3. Mom Knows Best

    I like the pictures of the fruits on the bottles. Fruity scents are my favorite for lotions.

  4. Brandi Hayden

    These products look amazing. I bet the Grapefruit scent smells good. Thanks for sharing!

  5. chris

    Will be looking out for this brand here in the UK – looks like these would make fantastic 'for her' gift sets.

  6. Debbie Tom

    These sound like they smell amazing. I would totally love to try them. I love sweet smells that aren't overbearing. These sound exactly like what I enjoy.

  7. Mumsand Babies

    I have not heard about this brand but packaging looks really nice. Will find out if it is available in the local stores.

  8. Mai C.

    It sounds like the kind of products you need if you want to relax at home and just forget everything even for a day. I really like the packaging of each product and I'm sure a lot of ladies will love this!

  9. Spark of Southern Moms

    I will have to try this product! I love stuff like this! Plus these would make great gifts for friends and family!

  10. Amanda Love

    It makes me happy that there are more and more skincare products that are going organic and natural! I love that the main ingredient of these products is honey, it has so many benefits especially for our skin. I hope I get to try these!

  11. Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu

    Reminds me of the products in the movie Pratical Magic 🙂 Looks great and I so need a relaxing bath right now.

  12. Ron Leyba

    Sounds like a great brand/product. Will check more information about it.

  13. mail4rosey

    I never used to like honey. It's definitely growing on me though!

  14. Azlin Bloor

    I'm not familiar with the brand, I must see if they are in the UK. It all looks heavenly!

  15. Life With Kathy

    Those products sound amazing. I'd love to try out the soap. I love all kinds of soaps like these. I bet they smell great too.

  16. Ana Fernandez

    The picture with ysabel's daughters is pretty cute! Looks like you had a wonderfull time with her

  17. Nicole Escat

    This brand sounds new to me, can't wait to try it! I like trying organic and natural products.

  18. Courtney Gillard

    I've never heard of this brand before, but I love how they packaged their products. I would love to try the soaps.

  19. Nicole Herose

    These products are beautifully packaged. I am not familiar with the brand, but they sound amazing. I love trying out new products. I will check this out.

  20. Melodi Steinberg

    Souns like these products are very healthy for my skin! I will have to look it up!

  21. Colette S

    These would make a very nice gift package for anyone!
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Shannon Peterson

    I love that they use honey from their backyard bees! THat's so smart and wonderful!

  23. Ms KathyKenny

    Looks like there are good options to have in here. I would definitely love to try the bars of soaps.

  24. LifeAsAConvert

    It's almost like I can smell them through the screen. I'd love to stock up on these! (For myself and guests)

  25. Marielle Altenor

    That's such a wise decisions to cut chemicals out when pregnant! I love when I find locally made products that are also organic and safe.

  26. berlin domingo

    Not aware of this brand but learning of new products is always a welcome change to me. Would love to try them as well and see and feel the difference.

  27. Eileen Kelly

    This is a new brand for me. I love trying new products. I especially love that these are organic


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