L’Oreal Paris Collection Star by Freida in Pure Rouge [Review + Swatch]

May 24, 2016 | Beauty & Fashion | 15 comments

L’Oreal Paris Collection Star by Freida in Pure Rouge

Whenever I go out, I always make sure I bring 3 to 5 lipsticks in my make up bag and that includes a red lipstick.

Sometimes, all you need is a red lipstick to brighten up your face. During my lazy days which happens to be most of the time lols, I always go for bold brows and red lips then I am good to go.

So for today’s review, I will be sharing my current favorite red lipstick which is the L’oreal Paris Collection Star by Freida in Pure Rouge. I Purchased this at Landmark Trinoma for a discounted price, can’t remember the exact amount though but I think it was 300php below during the L’Oreal Sale Madness last March.

L’Oreal Paris Collection Star by Freida in Pure Rouge comes with a sleek black and gold packaging with a colored square that indicates the lipstick shade.  

The shade Pure Rouge is included in the Pure Red Collection which consists of 7 gorgeous red tone lipsticks inspired each by one of L’Oreal ambassadors. Pure Rouge is Freida Pinto’s shade (third from the right).


Pure Rouge is a cool toned red that matches everyone’s skin tone. I love how gorgeous it looks on Freida’s deeper complexion.  

It has a smooth velvety texture that glides on my lips without tugging. It sets to semi-matte finish which I love and doesn’t emphasize my lip lines nor makes my lips dry.

Pure Rouge is wearable both for daytime and nighttime look. 

L’Oreal Paris Collection Star by Freida in Pure Rouge [Swatch]

Using a red lip liner would be best to achieve your perfect red lips.


Here I used Nichido’s Lip Pencil in Blaze before I put on my lipstick. I find it comfortable to wear, however, since it has a semi-matte finish, I experienced bleeding and transferring. Longevity-wise, this can survive a meal without retouching as it leaves a stain on the lips.



If you are looking for a budget-friendly red lipstick, I highly recommend this baby!

What is your favorite red lipstick as of the moment?
Would love to hear them in the comment section below. 🙂

Thank you dearies! Mwah!


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  1. berlin domingo

    Love the color. I wonder if its bagay on me. Ehehe.

  2. Janice Lim

    That color looks great on you! I'm not really much of a red person. Whenever I shop for lippies, I usually go for nudes or berry shades.

  3. Liz Aquino

    I never really got the hang of wearing lipstick, much less very red ones. The only time I get to wear lipstick is when I need to be fully made up for an event. 😛 I'm a lip balm girl 🙂 But the color looks great on you.

  4. Nilyn_ECM

    Toroy ng lipstick o! 😀 jk, ang ganda gaw! Bagay sayo, ewan ko lang sakin! haha. I only have 1 lippie, grabe! haha.

  5. D

    That shade looks perfect on your skin tone! I love it!

  6. Neri Ann

    Never tried Loreal Paris but those are my colors!!! I love it on your lips! How much is it?

  7. Marie Angeli Laxa

    Wow, it's very pigmented! It looks so becoming on you. I love lipsticks but sadly, hindi ko keri ang red unlike you haha!

  8. Angel Enero

    Wow! love the new shades of Loreal Paris. Been into lippies lately, one of my fave is the vamp red of EverBilena and Riot of LimeCrime

  9. cheanne

    What a nice red lippie! I should try that next. I'm not yet comfy with wearing such bold colors. Haha

  10. Peachy Adarne

    I'll give it a try! I'll buy one when I go to the mall on the weekend.

  11. Viva Kitchen Goddess

    That's a nice shade on you. One of the things that I haven't mastered yet is using lipstick. I do admire people who enjoys using it though. 🙂


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