Learning Basic Calligraphy with ZPostsManila at The Crafters Marketplace

Learning calligraphy is an activity that I never thought I would enjoy.

Because one, my handwriting sucks and two, I am not really that into arts. But when I got lucky to be one of the attendees for a free Basic Calligraphy Class at The Crafters Marketplace sponsored by ZPosts Manila (Super thank you Ms. Bangs!), that is when I realized that it is not too late to learn something NEW. 
The Crafters Marketplace is located at Rustan’s Grocery, Lower Level, Shangri-la Mall EDSA. The studio is surrounded with black and white hand-painted by one of their talented artists. When I got inside, I felt like I was inside a coloring book hehe.

Ms. Bangs (in yellow dress) of ZpostsManila welcomed the attendees. She also shared a quick background about herself and her passion as an event planner. Afterwards, Ms. Alma of The Crafters Marketplace gave her opening remarks and we moved on to the workshop. 


The workshop facilitated by Ms. Larizza Castro (ig: @art.ticulate).


And the fun challenge begins…

Creating downstrokes and upstrokes. The struggle of being a left-handed is REAL!  

My favorite part of the workshop. Looks like I am good at patterns hehehe.

Not bad for a first timer! 🙂

Me with Ms. Bangs of ZPostsManila

After the workshop, they handed us a loot bag where inside are special papers and brush pens so we can try brush pen calligraphy at home. Yey!

A big thanks to ZpostsManila and The Crafters Marketplace for having me on this fun-filled experience! Didn’t know calligraphy is a challenging yet relaxing activity at the same time. Now I want to practice more and make it a hobby. Thank you for this opportunity to learn something new. 🙂

For future workshops, make sure you visit The Crafters Marketplace Facebook page here. I am pretty sure they are all fun-filled activity just like our basic calligraphy workshop. 

I hope you had fun reading this! 
Thank you for your time.


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29 Replies to “Learning Basic Calligraphy with ZPostsManila at The Crafters Marketplace

  1. Calligraphy is very much trending these days and it's hard to deny why! It's so nice to be able to attend classes such as this one, I would have loved to be a part of it. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! You did an awesome job!

  2. I really, really, really want to learn calligraphy. I actually bought brush pens at home so that I can practice but I think I'll learn more if I attend a workshop like this.

  3. My handwriting is so bad, I don't know if I would do good in caligraphy. However, reading how much you liked the experience made me think, there is hope for me too. Thanks for sharing sis.

  4. Calligraphy looks like a really fun thing to learn! The Crafters Marketplace has a lot of creative workshops to offer to kids and adults alike. — Maria Teresa Figuerres

  5. I'd love to try my hand at calligraphy. I used to have great handwriting (actually won best in handwriting when I was younger) but it slowly turned into a barely readable script…

  6. I have learned calligraphy way back when I was enrolled at a Montessori School. We always have this kind of activity although we used pencil. And nowadays, Calligraphy is a workshop and is much a trending activity. Good Job right there. I never thought you are left handed, your handwriting is awesome.

  7. As much as I would want to try this, I fear that I am not gifted to do calligraphy. But maybe I will try especially may nagoffer ng classes or sessions for this.

  8. I wish I'd known about this sooner so I can sign up for their workshop. Been wanting to join a calligraphy workshop since last year but I have not been lucky to find an affordable one or one held near my place.

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