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Cleaning my Make up Brushes with Ellana Cucumber Melon MakeUp Brush Cleaner

If you are a makeup enthusiast or someone who wears makeup almost every day, you would know that cleaning your brushes must be done on a regular basis. Even if you have a good skincare routine, it will be all useless if you keep on using sticky and dusty makeup brushes. They can accumulate dust and dirt that may cause skin irritation and breakouts. 
Before I went to a makeup school (you may read my story here), I only use a foundation brush, blush brush and buffing brush and to tell you honestly, I only wash them once in a while. Once in every 3 or 4 months, I guess. Yes, that sounds gross! Luckily I don’t break out despite my laziness.
I know that my laziness must stop as my brush collection is growing and I will share them on a separate post. Anyway, during my visit to Landmark Department Store a few weeks ago, I came across at Ellana counter and spotted this Ellana Cucumber Melon Brush Cleaner. This retails at 400php for 120ml. You can also purchase them at
Packaging is in a sturdy plastic spray bottle, and basically, you just spray it directly on your brush and swipe/swirl it on a towel or tissue paper. I personally use a tissue paper which I find more hygienic rather than using a cloth towel. 
Here I am cleaning my MAC Stippling Brush and after 5 rounds of spraying and swirling it on a tissue paper, it is now ready for the next use. 3 sprays of the product can cover the entire brush. I noticed that it needs a lot of work in cleaning big brushes. Meanwhile, smaller brushes will only take 1 to 2 rounds. The fun part is, it smells like a real cucumber melon which smells so yummy and refreshing.
It dries instantly and ready for next use. 
Gently conditions makeup brush hair.
Guaranteed to lengthen the life of makeup brushes. 
Smells good.
Locally available
I always make sure I have Ellana Cucumber Melon Brush Cleaner during my makeup gigs because it makes my brushes squeaky clean without the use of water in a matter of minutes! This is definitely worth buying for your makeup brushes. 
Have you tried Ellana Cucumber Melon Brush Cleaner?
What’s your favorite brush cleaner?
Please share them in the comments below.

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