Some DIYs for your Circus Themed Birthday Party

Hello dearies! Today I will share to you the most exciting part in organizing your own party – DIY (Do-It-Yourself)! If you follow this blog, you would know that we had a Circus Themed Birthday for our son’s 1st birthday. If you are someone who loves arts and crafts, you will surely enjoy and love this part!

First things first, a birthday party won’t be complete without the celebrant’s birthday party hat!

Daddy E made this and he totally nailed it!

Cloud’s Birthday Party Hat (credits to For Keeps Photo)ย 
We also opted to customize the party hats for the kids. We made 45 mini hats with different designs. Anything goes! I would like to thank Gel, Angeline and Ava for helping us out on this project. I am not so sure if we saved in terms of expenses but definitely, we had so much fun doing this. ๐Ÿ™‚
Mini Party Hatsย (credits to For Keeps Photo)
Things needed:
Acrylic Paints & Paintbrushes
One of our birthday invites (for the monkey and lion)
Nylon String
ย (credits to For Keeps Photo)
Cloud’s 12″ Letter Blocksย ย (credits to For Keeps Photo)

Things needed:
12″ letter blocks (from Divisoria for 45php each)
Red textured paper from National Bookstore (35php/roll)
Gold & Royal Blue Glossy Ribbons (from Divisoria 20php/set with different colors)
Glue / Glue Stick / Glue Gun


So basically we just covered the letter blocks with the red textured paper and outlined each letter using the gold and royal blue ribbons alternately.

Carnival Cupcake Topper


I got these cute toppers onlineย and attached on a stirrer to make sure it can stand firmly on top of the icing and viola! You can also use the stirrer as a spoon incase you don’t want to get your hands dirty while enjoying your cupcakes.ย 

ย (credits to For Keeps Photo)


Party Loot Bags!

Thank You tags can be found here. Toys, coloring books, and other stuff bought from Divisoria at an affordable price. Candies are from the groceries. This approximately costs 100php per loot bag.ย 

I guess that’s it for this DIY Circus Themed Birthday post!ย 
Hope you had fun reading this.

Thank you for dropping by dearies!


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27 Replies to “Some DIYs for your Circus Themed Birthday Party”

  1. Such a great and cool design for a carnival themed event. Also all picture are photographed very well.

  2. Such great ideas! My nieces would love this theme.

  3. These are all wonderful ideas…..

  4. These are wonderful ideas. The twins' birthday is coming up. They love clowns and I might use some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love your color choice and the theme consistent through out. Look like it was a fun day…And the cupcakes OMG sweet treats the highlight of the party.

  6. You have so many great party ideas. Do you do this for a living or are you just really social?

  7. What a fun party theme. A circus is always enjoyed by all.

  8. Wow you guys make me look so lazy. I do not have all those fancy things for any party…I guess I need to step up my game…LOL

  9. The bursts of colour and the impeccable photography makes this party a cracker!

  10. the goodie bags are so cute! and i love the cupcake toppers

  11. That's really impressive. I never tried to do a DIY party before, it seems like a lot of work but it's definitely worth it especially if it's for your kids. Thanks for sharing tips and tricks! Love the theme!

  12. What an adorable theme! I really love the creativity you put into it. The gift bags look so fun.

  13. These are so cool design and will save you money from buying from the party store.

  14. So cute! This looks like a great birthday party I'm sure everyone had a ton of fun!

  15. My grand son has a Birthday coming up. I just know he'd love a carnival themed Birthday party. I'll have to use your ideas to create one.

  16. Super sweet and colorful ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. What a super fun Birthday Party Theme! My son would have enjoyed it a lot when he was younger.

  18. Thanks for this wonderful idea! Perfect for my son's incoming birthday. I'm so glad you shared it.

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  20. This is amazing. Thanks for putting this up. Now I have an idea for what to do next for my kiddos birthday party.

  21. My son's first birthday party was a big bash! Everything was homemade because we did not have a large budget! Love your ideas!

  22. Such a cute idea for a party! I love your block letters, too. You've inspired me to do this for the kids last day of school party.

  23. So cute! I love all of the colors!

  24. Definitely something that I cannot do. I am deathly afraid of clowns.

  25. I love the idea! I can't wait to have time to do another diy project at home. cleverly practical!

  26. Ohhhh, I love DIY!!! : ) I've always believed half of the fun is the planning and making the things ourselves : )

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