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What’s IN: SephoraPH is now officially launched!

Since this morning, some of my friends shared this article from Spot.Ph in Facebook and that makes me WOW! Sephora is a US-based website that carries well-loved makeup brands and products and sadly they do not deliver directly in the Philippines. In case you knew someone in the US, you can use their postal address as your delivery address and Sephora will send it to them and let the person send it directly to you. Thinking about shipping fees? Customs? Taxes? Waiting period? Hassles huh? 
No fret though, is now rebranded as! I tried Luxola before (you may read it here) and I am very satisfied with how fast my items arrived so I am sure that buying thru is safe and fast too.
If you are looking for Sleek Cosmetics, Becca, Burberry, SK II or anything beauty related products, SephoraPH has it! It is the heaven of your holy grails! 

Another good news, you can waive your delivery fees if you reach 1300Php of purchase.
So what are you waiting for? 
Discover the latest in beauty at SephoraPH


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21 Comments on “What’s IN: SephoraPH is now officially launched!

  1. Sephora's very well-known in the US. Good thing they're already here in the Philippines. I'm not much into make-up but a lot of my friends are raving about make-ups in Sephora. Won't hurt to check them! 🙂

  2. the e-commerce business is really booming! now sephora is here, we have more choices to do effortless shopping. but i'm still partial to zalora though! hahaha!

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