Throwing a Circus-Themed Birthday Party (Pastry Garden + ShoppersvilleBakeshoppe Review)

Credits to Jet Lamosa of For Keeps Photo

Welcome to another series of suppliers’ review from Cloud’s first birthday and for today, I will be sharing my thoughts about Pastry Garden and Shoppersville Bakeshoppe.

from Pastry Garden FB Page
I learned about Pastry Garden from Girltalk forum (Female Network) and heard a lot of good feedback about her work. It was the year 2011 when I was planning for a wedding. Then last year as I started looking for a cake supplier for Cloud’s birthday, I sent an inquiry to Ruby (the owner). It took days before she replied but I was comfortable talking to her in FB messenger.

She replied fast when she is online. 

Ruby of Pastry Garden
I also find her rates affordable compared to other cake suppliers. I made 1,000php reservation last November, I did not bother to have a “taste test” and that’s how I trusted her cakes hehe. 
Our cake inspiration
And here is our circus-themed birthday cake!


Credits to Jet Lamosa of For Keeps Photo 

I was glad that Ruby was already in the venue when I arrived.

It was already set up and looks great! I just can’t hide my amazement when I saw the cake, I could say that she was able to copy our inspiration at 95%. If you agree, let me know in the comment box below. 🙂
I ordered their best seller chocolate moist cake and glad I did! It was indeed moist up to the bottom part. It has the right sweetness and you can definitely taste the dark chocolate in it.  And the fondant is my most favorite part hehehe. It is sweet but no “umay” factor to me. Or is it just because I’m such a sweet tooth? 
Supplier: Pastry Garden
Peso Power: 2800php (10″ round cake) + 300 (delivery fee)
Location: Quezon City

Moving on, we are a returning client of Shoppersville Bakeshoppe in Katipunan QC.


The first time we ordered was during Cloud’s Christening last May 2015. Hubby liked it so much aside from the fact that they have the lowest price of cupcakes ever! Usual cupcake starts at 50php but theirs only starts at 14php. Bongga diba? You might think just because it is cheap e their taste is basta basta. Did you know that it was the first thing our guests complimented about? So do I need to explain further? 

We had a very smooth transaction upon ordering a few weeks before the event, made a 1000php deposit as well and we came back on the day itself to pick up the cupcakes.

Credits to Jet Lamosa of For Keeps Photo
Credits to Jet Lamosa of For Keeps Photo

Last photo with our DIY cupcake toppers. Will share my DIYs on a separate post. Some of them look pale because we ran out of inks and I opted to still use it because guests will throw them anyway. 

Supplier: Shoppersville Bakeshoppe 
Peso Power: 1700php+ for 150pcs / pick up

Location: Loyola Heights Katipunan Road., Quezon City (in front of Miriam and Ateneo)
Telephone: 02-426 1246 (from
Credits to Jet Lamosa of For Keeps Photo

OMG, they both look great in photos! Happy clients here!

I highly recommend them both if you are on a budget but still looking after for best-delighted sweets!
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I hope you find this post helpful. 
Feel free to approach me if you have questions.
Thanks for reading!



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  1. What a pretty cake!

    I;m also a fan of those Shoppersville cupcakes. My friend lives in the area and would often bring cupcakes. They're so reasonably priced nga,

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