Throwing a Circus-Themed Birthday Party (Invitation Madness Review)

Feb 3, 2016 | party ideas | 17 comments


Cloud’s first birthday party is finally over and we had so much FUN!

I’m satisfied with all the suppliers I got and now it’s my time to return the favor by making a review to each one of them. Please expect some suppliers’ review in a series and I will try my best to be in detailed. I am sure that these reviews will help others who also organize their own party because I, personally also read reviews first before booking a supplier. 
So for our first stop: Invitation Madness

I’m Mads of Invitation Madness, a mother, a wife, a freelance graphic artist and a crafter, who definitely an art lover.


 My love for arts is my key foundation to paper crafting and at the same time I can used my knowledge in graphic design. Starting from simple invitations I made in my own wedding and in my son’s first birthday, I decided to start invitation madness.   


Mads and I worked from the same company a few years back.

Even before, I knew that Mads is deeply in love with arts and crafts. The last thing I know, she left the corporate world and put up her own business with his supportive husband which is the Invitation Madness.
Mads is also the person behind my blog header and business cards for Mommy Rockin’ In Style. I love the quirkiness in her designs and the color of her choice which makes the whole look super cute and fab.
And here is Cloud’s invites for his carnival/circus-themed party.
 I love Mads because she always makes sure all my comments were properly incorporated into the final layout. And she works fast. I asked her to make business cards for my blog a few days before the event and she nailed it.
I love Mads not because she is a friend but because I believe in her talent.

It is obvious that she loves what she’s doing by looking through her works.  






Supplier: Invitation Madness
I highly recommend Invitation Madness for your customized party needs!

To see more of her works, visit their Facebook Fan Page here and Instagram account @invitation_madness.
I hope you find this review helpful.
Thank you for reading!
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  1. Louise Banta

    Her invitation ideas are really cute and artistic! Saving her details on my notebook in case we need her for our events. :)Louise |

  2. Queen Elizabeth

    they're so cute and lovely! Ang gaganda ng works nya… i'll bookmark this! Thank you! 🙂

  3. Patricia Cuyugan

    So nice! I love DIY-ing invitations, and I always go online to look for inspiration hehe. These are really galing.

  4. Berlin Maynigo

    Im excited for my Yael's birthday (six months from now) and I will check Invitation Madness. Thanks for this.

  5. Earth Love Skin

    So she was the creative genius of your header! Ganda ng designs and super intricate lalo na yung for the nuptials! I forgot to ask you of your biz card pala! Let's exchange soon! :*Iris @ Earth Love Skin

  6. Viva Kitchen Goddess

    This is very informative. My daughter is celebrating her birthday soon and I'm on the lookout for suppliers. 🙂

  7. Gracie Maulion

    The carnival and safari passport invitations are so cute 🙂

  8. Marie Angeli Laxa

    Wow they all look perfect! I especially love the animal-themed one.

  9. Jennifer Villanueva

    I agree.. her designs are so neat and dainty, i love them all. Will bookmark this for future reference, thanks for tour recommendation.

  10. Jennifer Villanueva

    i agree with you her designs are so neat and dainty i love them. Will bookmark this for future reference.

  11. nadia de leon

    I love the safari passport style invitation. I DIYed my son's first birthday invitation and it was not easy. It will really help if you have a friend or supplier who can execute your ideas well. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Janice Lim

    I super love the invitations, especially the circus-themed one you had made. Your friend is really talented. 🙂


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