OpenRice PH Series: Yellow Tree Coffee and Tea

After our sumptuous lunch at Choobi Choobi, we jumped right off to the next establishment – The Yellow Tree Coffee and Tea. Ahhhh, coffee and desserts! Who wouldn’t love that? 

Yellow Tree Coffee and Tea originated from Dagupan, and the Panay branch is their newest franchise.

They serve coffee, milk tea, smoothies and even delighted sweets such as bread / cakes and gelato ice cream (soon). All-in one! So I suggests after your heavy meal at Choobi Choobi, go straight at Yellow Tree to chill and relax while taking a sip of your coffee / tea or grabbing a bite of your sweets.
Yellow Tree Coffee and Tea can accommodate up to 15 to 20 guests altogether, so space is a bit small. However, I was pretty impressed with their Old English + modern ambiance which I find very relaxing. 
Dark Chocolate Rock Salt Cream Cheese 95php (large)

I could compare this to a cold Milo drink with a twist. 

Choco-Chip Mocha Frappe 120php (large)
 What makes them different from other coffee shops? Their cake menu changes every month.

Mango Cake 150php/slice
Carrot Cake 150php/slice
Moist Cake 150php/slice
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It’s raining gelatoooo! 🙂

On the last part, they served gelato ice cream; vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, salted caramel, and strawberry. And my tops picks are strawberry, salted caramel and chocolate. Yum yum! One of the owners also have this gelato business and planning to include them as well in the menu which will happen in a few months. 

Price-wise, definitely cheaper than other coffee or milk tea shops.  The drinks are good and the desserts are reasonably priced because they are huge in servings.

Also, their staff are very accommodating and friendly. 

The owners and my favorite spot! 🙂

Yellow Tree Coffee and Tea is located at 102 Panay Ave., South Triangle Quezon City. 
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday; 9am to 12mn

Facebook: (facebook page to be updated)
Instagram @YellowTreeQC

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31 Comments on “OpenRice PH Series: Yellow Tree Coffee and Tea

  1. great looking café and I love coffee bythe way however QC is too far from me. well infact its the traffic that bothers me. lol.
    I might visit this café if i'll be in the area

  2. I am loving the look of that Dark Chocolate Rock Salt Cream Cheese drink, as I am always loving some dark chocolate! I hope that they have a branch in southern manila soon 🙂

  3. Whoa. It's an smorgasbord of sweets, coffee and tea. How to they differ from the other coffee shops out there which considered to be ubiquitous and similar to each other?

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