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Feb 24, 2016 | food | 35 comments

Fiesta Gulaman, Dalandan Ginger Iced Tea, Tunying’s Blend -Barako

Ka Tunying’s Cafe, owned by Anthony Taberna – a Filipino broadcast journalist and radio commentator, showcases Pinoy food with a twist that every Filipino will surely enjoy! They started as a bakery 10 years ago in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija and was known for their famous “Tunying’s bread”. Anthony and his wife decided to market their pastries in the metro with their all-day breakfast menu and from there, Ka Tunying’s Cafe was established and opened last August 21, 2015. 

Adorned with Pinoy-style paintings and wooden tables and chairs, the Pinoy vibe is all over the place. 



They also have tables at the veranda where you can get some fresh air.

And now for the most exciting part, sharing their all-day breakfast menu!
Upper: Daingsilog 195php / Baked Bangus Belly 245php LOWER: Pandesal Platter 195php / Tinapa-silog 195php
Upper: Pork Lechon Belly 295php / Relyenong Bangus 195php LOWER: Chicken Pork Adobo 195php / Longsilog 195php

Their “Silog” variety comes with Adobo rice and different side dishes (atchara or salted egg) which makes them different from other Pinoy-style restaurants. And I personally love Adobo rice!

Chicken Arrozcaldo with Garlic Bread 150php


Champorado with Tuyo 150php

They also serve Pinoy meryenda meals like Chicken Arrozcaldo and Champorado. I love Champorado as it has the right amount of sweetness that goes along with the saltiness of tuyo (dried fish).


Naimas Smoothie 115php / Spiced Cocochino 135php

Another favorite is the Naimas Smoothie which is an Ilocandia inspired smoothie with a mix of balakucha, panucha and mascuvado with cheese and milk. Spiced cocochino, on the other hand, is a blended arabica espresso with labuyo.

If you are into spicy foods and loves to try something new, you better try this. 

To sum it up, I love the wide variety of their all-day breakfast menu. Apart from that, they also serve meryenda or you can go downstairs to their bakery to pick some of their freshly-baked pastries. I also love their unique selection of drinks that are also Pinoy-inspired. I was lucky to taste most of them and I must say that all tastes good to me. Moreover, prices are okay as each serving are big enough to share with your friends and loved ones.


Ka Tunying’s Cafe is located at 88 Visayas Avenue, Project 6, Quezon City. Opens Monday to Sunday, 7am to 10pm.
Thank you Openrice PH for having me on this Eat’s a Date! 🙂
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  1. Eugenia

    I love the paintings and the design of this Cafe! Food looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing such interesting post!

  2. Shabby Chic Boho

    What a neat little cafe. Those beverages and the desserts look so delicious.

  3. Masshole Mommy

    The food looks so good there. I would love to eat there!

  4. Neri Ann

    Those wooden chairs and tables are adorbs! And Pilipinong Pilipino ang mga dishes!

  5. Berlin Maynigo

    Another place worth visiting. I hope the boys' exams would be over soonest so we could go out Na. Usually, we study on weekends if there would be upcoming examination then would dine out after the exam to celebrate.

  6. Amber Knox

    That smoothie looks amazing. I'm so jealous.

  7. Mommy QueenElizabeth

    I heard from my mumsdailyph team who were with you there that the food was yummy and the breads! Plus the interior is impressive too.. Would love to try it sometime whenever im around the city. 🙂

  8. ana de jesus

    The smoothie looks amazing and I love the look of the smoothie simply delicious !

  9. jared's mum

    the place looks cozy + they have a wide selection of food to choose from. I hope to try this out soon with my boys.

  10. Mai C.

    I didn't know they were into the restaurant business. The place looks amazing and so does the food! That's really worth a try!

  11. Lana Bandoim

    Ka Tunying's Cafe looks like a great place for breakfast. The menu items will fill you up and taste great.

  12. Mom Knows Best

    I love the artwork on the walls. The pastries look good too.

  13. Cess Piano

    I'm loving their menu/food! Especially the relyenong bangus, adobo rice and salted egg! Oh myyy! I think I just died! The serving is also good. I must visit Ka Tunying's the soonest!

  14. Ms. Sheetal Gulati

    The pictures are so enticing and i love the presentation of Spiced Cappuccino

  15. Claudette P. Esterine

    I like the look of this place and the food! For some reason, the fish dishes really appeal to me.

  16. Lexie Lane

    Such a lovely place! I've never been there, this year we will visit PH I'd like to go there.

  17. Jovz Mateo

    So many places to eat!! I swear seeing all those photos made me hungry 🙁

  18. bluedreamer27

    This seems like a very interesting place to visit! If Ka Tunying is the one behind the restaurant's design, then you can tell that he really has a great taste in art too.. love those colorful paintings and the dishes are so Filipino! Love it!
    Hopefully I can visit this restaurant soon! Thanks for the heads up!

  19. Tiffany

    I would LOVE to visit this restaurant. Filipino cuisine is delicious! The paintings are also really lovely. Very vibrant.

  20. Shaylee Anne

    I don't know if I could manage to get myself to eat the fish with the heads still on (although I'm sure they taste REALLY good!) but the rest of them look amazing 🙂

  21. Karlyn Flores

    That food was all looks delicious! I really love a good food and i want to visit there someday.

  22. Yan Birog

    Good to know they were able to recover well after what happened last year! Looks like a really nice place to hang out! Food looks great and yummy! 😀

  23. Arrianne Guzman

    Nothings beats Filipino breakfast!!! I would love to try this out really soon!!! Great post, nagutom ako bigla :))

  24. Jessica Ayun

    Love the arts and the chairs. Interesting place to dine in 🙂

  25. Veeyah Penero

    Cool! I've heard about Ka Tunying's before, but I'm never around the area for long to visit the place. The food looks like something to come back to every now and then, haha.

  26. Ayesha Heart

    Ohhh, you're making me hungry with this post ha-ha 😀
    I'm craving Champorado it's my fave

    Love the interior design. I shall visit this soon

  27. Chel

    Looks so good! Too bad its so far away from me :/ But will definitely swing by if Im around Quezon City!

  28. Sab Fox

    This is such a wonderful cafe! I am loving the art.

  29. Paolo Ruel

    Wow! delicious, will try this soon in one of my travels thanks for sharing!

  30. lee rosales

    I love all day bfast food. Its just far from my place – LasPinas/Pque. Lol. Spicy Capuccino – i want to try that

  31. Aziel Morte

    What a great cafe, I really love the foods and the walls was really amazing

  32. CourtneyLynne

    Oooooo wish this cafe was a tad bit closer!!! Looks so yummy!


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