Mitsuyado Sei-men – The House of Tsukemen


So after my #BathewithLux event at Makati a few weeks ago, hubby and I decided to have a quick dinner date at Mitsuyado Sei-men. It is located at Blue Bay Walk – a metropolitan park located in the heart of Pasay, where your family gets to enjoy a variety of activities such as dining, shopping or just relaxing while watching the sunset.

Anyway, we were intrigued about “Tsukemen” so we decided to give it a try.


Tsukemen which means “dipping noodles” and serve separately with hot dipping soup and toppings on the side.



I was astonished from the moment I stepped in, as in WOW! As if they transported you from Manila all the way to the busy streets in Japan. I love every detail from lamps, paintings, and even their signages.  They look so authentic.


Design-wise, this is my most favorite among the Japanese restaurants we have been to.


They entail the Japanese culture in a different angle, who would have thought of mimicking busy streets of Japan? Such a brilliant idea! The interiors were strategically designed and you really feel the Japanese vibe while enjoying your food. The ambiance is so stunning! 


Yuzu Tsukemen 270php

Introducing the main reason of all these lols, Yuzu Tsukemen- one of their best seller. So basically you just dip the noodles in the soup or mix them together, whatever you prefer. Tsukemen al dente noodles is chunkier and thicker compare to regular noodles in ramen.  Its sauce, on the other hand,  has a thick consistency and tasteful. I love that it has a bit of citrus taste so you won’t get “umay” while enjoying this food.

Black Pepper Chicken 230php

Mitsuyado Sei-men also serve side orders and other Japanese favorites like Gyoza and Black Pepper Chicken which both tastes good.

Gyoza 180php

Overall, it was a whole new fun experience. I prefer going there at night where lamps are lighted to complete the Japanese atmosphere. Price-wise, they are affordable. Their staff are also friendly and accommodating. If you are in Manila and ramen addict like us, you really have to check this out!

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  1. I definitely love the decor! It's so beautiful to look at. It will definitely keep you busy while waiting for your orders, lol. The food looks good and it's nice to know that they are affordable! Would love to try this when I'm in the area!

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