Korean J Grill – Home of Tender Juicyness

Korean J Grill – Home of Tender Juicyness


Hello dearies! If you follow this blog for quite some time, you would know how much hubby and I loves Japanese cuisine like maki and ramen. However, for this particular “date”, we thought of why not try something new to our taste buds? So while looking for a place to eat along Tomas Morato we found Korean J Grill and decided to try them out. 




I love the Korean vibe with bricks and wood consonance all over the place.

It is also cozy and quiet where you can talk comfortably while enjoying your food. Since the place is small for a restaurant they reserved the mezzanine to accommodate more guests, especially during peak hours. 
Each table has a stove top grill or to have shabu shabu. 



The first floor consists of 5 big tables which are good for about 20 to 25 persons altogether. 

Japchae 300php
 Japchae is a stir fried noodle dish mixed with slightly-cooked vegetables. The noodles is made of yam starch.
Korean Rolled Rice 150php


Scrambled Egg on the pan and Korean side dish


Galbi Sal Beef Ribs 450php
Trying out their best seller Galbi Sal Beef Ribs with homemade Ponzu sauce (sweet sauce with onions) and sesame oil. This is also served with mushrooms and sliced pumpkin. Hubby feels that the beef lacks in taste which I agree, as we are expecting it to be flavorful. They also serve miso soup (not in the picture) and tastes delicious. My favorite is the Japchae because of its sweet blend sauce and stir-fried vegetables. 
Overall, the food is good and the ambiance is perfect for family or couples who prefers a quiet place to dine in. Price-wise, I find it reasonable as one order can be shared by two or more people. Moreover, the staff is approachable and quick when attending to our needs. It was indeed a unique experience and will definitely try their shabu shabu on our next Korean cravings. 
Korean J Grill is located at Unit A-1, 186 Tomas Morato, Sacred Heart, Tomas Morato, Quezon City and opens from 11am to 4am.
Thanks for dropping by! 🙂



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26 Replies to “Korean J Grill – Home of Tender Juicyness”

  1. I lI love the interiors of the place plus the food really looks inviting.

  2. You have got me hungry!

  3. Aaaa… Korean Food! OMG! This food looks super dupa delicious :9

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  4. I love Korean restos, thankful that we have lots here in Subic. You should visit Subic and check out some good Korean restos here. The kimbap looks yum! 🙂

  5. Wow !!!! So would live to try this place !!! Laci.

  6. What a fabulous place. The food really looks fantastic. Love when we find a great Korean restaurant.

  7. I think I have eaten Korean meal only once. This makes me want to go out and try some for a second time. 🙂

  8. This looks so good!

  9. ok I'm hungry now!

  10. My best friend in college was Korean – her mom used to cook some of this stuff! This place looks amazing!

  11. The food looks delicious!

  12. The food looks tasty! The interiors looks comfortable.

  13. I wish I lived near this place. It looks like it would be a nice experience.

  14. Oh wow, the food looks so delicious, what a great restaurant 🙂

  15. This food looks so good. I need to try Korean food.

  16. The food there sounds delicious. I would love to go eat there.

  17. This Korean place looks so inviting and fun. Love the fact that all the tables have their own stove and grill

  18. The Korean rolled rice looks good whats in it?

  19. I've always enjoyed korean food. They have the best flavor combinations! And I love spicy food so that's a given. The price looks reasonable especially since the food looks great. Thanks for the review!

  20. The food was really amazing. I want to go there and try their food, i love Korean food so much

  21. I love Japanese cuisine too, but looking at your wonderful and delicious photos I wanted to try these too! Thanks for such an inspiring review!

  22. I love Japanese cuisine also because their food is usually well seasoned and that is how we cook in the Caribbean

  23. What a cute, little cozy restaurant. I love Korean food, so this is a place I know I will enjoy.

  24. Korean food is my all time favorite! I was introduced to it my sister. Everyone love it here at our house. Now I want Bulgogi lol

  25. I really love the look of the place especially the tables. The food also looks delicious and flavourful.

  26. Their food menu makes me drooling, I do not personally prefer KImchi but other than that I love korean food.

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