Bobbie Cosmetics Pucker Up Lipsticks in Parisian Pink and LS-05(Swatches + Review)


Welcome to another lipstick review beauties! I am very excited to share these babies because I got them for only 85php (2usd) at Watsons! I know most of you don’t want to spend too much for makeup (and so do I) so let us see if these Bobbie Cosmetics Pucker Up Lipsticks are worth to buy. 

The packaging is in a clear acrylic casing so you can easily see the shade without removing its cap.

I was impressed that the packaging was not compromised even if they sell it at an affordable price. For the record, this is the cheapest lipstick I purchased so far.   

Bobbie Cosmetics Pucker Up Lipsticks in Parisian Pink and LS-05
Parisian Pink is a bright pink color while LS-05 is a deep red with a cool undertone. I wonder why they named this shade LS-05 while the others have a decent name hehehe.

I love how they are pigmented and runs smoothly on my skin. They also have this lipstick/chemical scent which goes off after few minutes of application.


Me rockin in Bobbie Cosmetics Pucker Up Lipsticks in Parisian Pink

 Parisian Pink looks brighter in actual.

Me rockin in Bobbie Cosmetics Pucker Up Lipsticks in LS-05

Both has a satin finish and wearable for everyday use. They are lightweight and not drying at all which is a big plus. Moreover, the product doesn’t set on my lip lines. Longevity-wise, this stays intact if you don’t eat nor drink. But if you do, the product fades on the inner lips and the outer lips remains vibrant as new. You may opt to reapply to even out the lip color. I used LS-05 and it leaves a tint as it fades on my lips which I’m liking. Given its satin finish, you may check it from time to time as it may bleed on the corners of your lips. Nevertheless, this is a good product to try. And take note, this is only for 85php which definitely won’t hurt your budget. 🙂

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23 Replies to “Bobbie Cosmetics Pucker Up Lipsticks in Parisian Pink and LS-05(Swatches + Review)”

  1. Okay first of all you look great in both shades but I'd go for the Parisian Pink for me. I really like the price and that it doesn't dry out – win, win I think!

  2. I love that beautiful rose shade on you it is both classy and elegant!

  3. These are pretty colors. I need to learn how to wear lipstick as I look like a clown when I wear it.

  4. I would go for LS-05 lipstick, I love red color and the price that won't hurt my budget 😉 Thanks for the helpful review!

  5. Oh my those look yummy…how vibrant and alive

  6. I like the colors those are very pretty. I usually stick to lighter shades for myself, but every now and then I'll be bold.

  7. Those are both nice colours on you…go for it!

  8. What lovely colors! They look great on you, perfect for your complexion and color eyes and hair!

  9. I need to step up my make up ! I love these colors. YHou picked some great ones

  10. Looks a great lipstick product! I want to try it.

  11. Both colors look good on you! I love the darker one, since I am into darker shades of lipsticks. Good to know they're affordable too! Who knew you could get 85php worth of lippies at Watson's!

  12. These are 2 great colors…you can rock them both

  13. I love the look so smoothe and shiny! I'm more of a lipgloss girl myself though

  14. I love both shades! You look great and both colors look good on you.

  15. Great colours. I am always conscious of bleeding though and tend to stay away from colours like this for that very reason.

  16. what a fun review beauty at its best love the lipstick colors very pretty

  17. For the price definitely a steal! I'll check this one out for my next cosmetic shopping:) I love the pink shade.

  18. Both of the colors look fabulous on you!

  19. i love the parisian pink it compliments your skin tone so nicely. i'll haves to try it out for myself

  20. Very pretty! Way too bright for me, but still very nice.

  21. Oh wow these are beautiful! I love the glossy finish of them, definitely great for spring!

  22. What pretty pigments! I am more of a matte girl but these look so vibrant on you!

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