Asia Women’s Summit 2016 – We Can Do It!

January 27, 2016 – Asia Women’s Summit 2016 with a slogan “We Can Do It!” held at Manila Marriot, Pasay City Manila showcases many of the nation’s extraordinary women coming from diverse industries including banking, logistics, healthcare, NGO, sales and marketing who spent their time sharing their own extraordinary stories in life.
Presented by Bio Oil and headed by Richard Mills, the Chairman of Chalre Associates, the whole-day event has been very fruitful because of their amazing stories and inspirational talks that touched the lives of every woman who attended the summit.
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The first presenter, Ms. Rosario Bradbury-Cajucom, the former CEO and Managing Director of SGS Far East delivers an inspirational talk when failure comes along such as depressions and how to combat it with your loved ones. 


Ms. Suzie Mitchell shares her personal experience from a simple country girl who aims something big for her family.

She earned a degree in college, working from different countries to challenge herself and now works as a Country Managing Director of one of the largest logistics operations in the country, DHL Philippines. She believes that overcoming your own biases would help you strive to achieve your goals in life. 



Ms. Karen Batungbacal De Venecia shares her utmost secret on her success where she played a large role developing Philippines as a powerhouse global BPO destination. She successfully runs a number of the most important industry leaders such as JP Morgan Chase, ICT Group and QBE. Little did she know that accepting a small task to put up a customer-service headquarter for an American logistics company in the Philippines could be her “true-calling” in the BPO industries knowing for a fact that she finished her school in Chemical Engineering.

Ms. Vicky Gachitorena, narrates her story while she was the founding Chair of the League of Corporate Foundations.


She also shares her ups and downs during her time as a Managing Director of Ayala Corporation, as a Cabinet Secretary and as a Presidential Management Staff. 


Ms. Mylene Abiva, the President and CEO of Felta Multi-Media spreading the interest in robotics by offering robotics short-courses in school, conducting Philippines Robotics Olympiad and joining robotics competitions abroad. She has high hopes that kids in this generation would make something relevant in the future through robotics.



Ms. Nicola Hutton, the Human Resources Head of ANZ Philippines shares her experience on how to juggle herself as a corporate leader and as a mother of 3 amazing children.  

Ms. Ace Itchon, the CEO of Aspen Philippines shares her rainbow lessons in life which she keeps holding on during tough times both on her corporate and personal life. 

Ms. Irma Cosico narrates her story on how she runs one of the region’s largest support organizations for migrant workers. As she is the CEO of ASKI Global Ltd both in Singapore and Hong Kong offices. 

Ms. Carmi De Leon still looking young in her 50’s (yes you read it right!). Shares her personal experience on how she reached the top of the line.


Her struggles and how she overcome her shortcomings. She also shares her health secrets and how she manages her roles as the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing of Healthway Medical. As a wife to her husband and as a mother to her 4 teenagers.

The last but definitely not the least, Ms. Mitchi Borromeo, one of the nation’s most prominent broadcast journalist. Shares her childhood stories that made her join with WWF International. WWF Philippines and UNU-IAS in Japan. 

Afterward, the Q&A segment was conducted where presenters answered questions from the attendees. 

Sharing what I learned from the Q & A portion. 

If you are not happy with what you are doing, its time to examine yourself. 
A healthy relationship with your spouse is about appreciation, recognition, and sharing of a sense of humor. 
Always come prepared. 
Be fearless, do what is right. 
Change your attitude and focus on your ability to compete.
Have the courage to see the opportunity. 
Gender equality. 

The event also features male panel session with Bastiaan Mawhin – Vice President, International Sales and Marketing of SHORE Solutions, Quintin Pastrana – News Anchor at Bloomberg Philippines and Raymond Abrea – Chief Strategy Officer of Abrea Consulting Group to know what are their insights on career women. Are they a partner or threat to manhood? They are also asked who are the women that hugely affect their lives as they grow up.

Quintin praises his mother who strongly influenced his lives as she let him see the world but with boundaries. Bastiaan on the other hand, his lady big boss who works really hard and persistent.


Both gentlemen agreed that working with career women is truly an honor as long as they work harmoniously and aiming for the same result.

The event ended where all presenters received a recognition plaque and a gift as a simple token for sharing their words of wisdom to everyone who attended the summit. 


I, personally gained so much knowledge and wisdom not only for my career but for my personal life as a mother as well. Being a career woman won’t make you a bad mother. You just have to know what works best for you and your family. 

Thank you so much Mommy Bloggers Philippines for giving me this opportunity to witness this life-changing event. It is truly an honor to meet these empowered women. They are really such an inspiration to every one of us. Who aims to be on top of the line in our chosen career. 

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