Wonders of Moroccan Argan Oil – Treatment for Skin Asthma feat. Instant Argan Glow and beautybarbsorganics

Instant Beauty from Within and beautybarbsorganics argan oil

MOROCCAN Argan Oil comes from the fruit of Argania Spinosa in the Southwestern area of Morocco.

This secret wonder oil has been used in Morocco for centuries to help repair wrinkled damaged skin and fight against premature skin aging. It is rich in antioxidants and essential elements such as Vitamin A & E, Omega 9 and Omega 6 to help rejuvenates the elasticity of your skin and keeping you look younger and younger. 
Benefits of Argan Oil
  • Moisturizes dry scalp
  • Tame and control frizzy hair
  • Gives natural shine and more healthy looking hair
  • Repairs damaged hair and skin
  • Moisturize, hydrate and soften skin
  • Provide supple and even skintone
  • Give skin a youthful glow and prevent premature aging
It is one of the best beauty products out there. It is also now incorporated into body lotions, body washes and even in shampoos and hair serums! I started using Argan Oil as my moisturizer during my pregnant days where you have to cut your beauty regimen into half because of some sort of harmful chemicals that may affect the growth of your unborn baby. I have a very simple facial routine back then where I just apply argan oil right after I wash my face then hitting the sack. Simple as it may look but this kept my skin from breaking out.

This has been my routine for more than a year and my favorite is the Instant Argan Glow that I got from Watsons. 

Argan oil doesn’t come in an affordable price tag, like for Instant Argan Glow that retails for 599php+ for the smallest bottle and 1299Php for the biggest size (100ml). Despite its hefty price, this smells like a perfume and absorbs pretty fast.

Then I learned about beautybarbsorganics from Girltalk forum who sells pure and organic skincare products. Her argan oil sold in dark-colored plastic bottles and smells nutty. Hers has a thicker consistency than the Instant Argan Glow. 

I mainly used them on my face and to my dry areas and both works wonders!

Last December, Cloud – my 1-year-old baby developed skin rashes aka skin asthma at the back of his legs and on his arms. My sister-in-law recommended Argan Oil to soothe the itchy feeling and to heal the wounds. After 3 weeks of applying Argan Oil 2 to 3 times a day, the rashes were all dried out! Argan oil serves his body lotion to diminish the scars and I am very happy with the result. Happy mommy here! These wonder oils are not only for mommy but also for baby! 🙂

Have you tried Argan Oil?
What’s your favorite brand?

Thanks for reading!

23 Replies to “Wonders of Moroccan Argan Oil – Treatment for Skin Asthma feat. Instant Argan Glow and beautybarbsorganics”

  1. I'm curious about this argan oil. I've read good reviews about this. It can also remove pimples and blemishes 🙂

  2. Just bought argan oil from Watson's for my hair. Thanks for this! Made a lot of sense why people have been raving about argan oil and since I was just randomly picking from the store and didn't know what it was for. Thanks dear.

  3. I've been using argan oil for quite some time now and it works wonders! Sometimes lang sobrang tamad nako sa mga beauty rituals..time consuming na lalo if too much busy with so many things nakakalimutan ko na pero i love it on my face!

  4. I haven't tried Argan Oil.. mahal kase! haha pero alam ko nga marami syang benefits

  5. I have heard about Argan Oil but I haven't had the chance to experience it's benefits yet. Medyo ma pricey rin kase hehe.

  6. This Moroccan argan oil was introduced and offered to us last year when we had our nails polished (in one nails spa shop). Though the attendant was somehow convincing, I didn't buy pa rin. I should have researched or read this earlier, hihihi. Nway, I could always go back naman and buy. Thanks for this.

  7. I've tried one for my hair. But haven't tried as skin moisturizer.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with Argan Oil. I saw Human Nature offers it na din.

  8. It's my first time to hear about argan oil and skin asthma.Usually steroids ata.

  9. Been hearing raves about Argan Oil for awhile now, medyo hesitant to try it nga lang because of the price.

  10. Been hearing raves about Argan Oil for awhile now, medyo hesitant to try it nga lang because of the price.

  11. I already tried Argan Oil and it was very effective!

  12. I'll try Argan oil if my home remedy Apple Cider solution doesn't work on me, hehe. Mas mura kasi!

  13. I've been hearing a lot about the benefits of using argan oil. I haven't had the chance to try it out yet though. Maybe after I'm done with my aloe vera stuffs. 🙂

  14. Hello Gorgeous! I miss you! 🙂

    Buti Cloud had his rashes healed na. I could swear by Argan oil! I have frizzy dry hair from the bleaching and sun-dry (because I travel a lot especially to beaches and backpack + commute when I do), so when my sister gave me a bottle of Moringa I was surprised it wasn't as messy as it would have been with hair cuticle (I don't like those). Another thing that I could share is my family uses it for the hair too (my mom specifically). She likes the effect of it aside from the Keratin hair pack she uses. No wonder Argan is so popular with the Egyptians before! Sobrang effective! I stick with Argan & Witchhazel oil for the hair and beauty staples. Galing ng effect and mabilis talaga. Not to mention both are organic!

    Stay beautiful! :*

    Iris @ Earth Love Skin

  15. haven't tried organ oil but i love using essential oils for my body. oil leaves my skin more moisturized. will definitely try this one out.

  16. Good thing about this argan oil is it nourishes your hair and skin. Must try!

  17. Hmmm Argan Oil sounds nice, but I'm a bit hesitant to try it since I really have sensitive skin.

  18. I have read a lot of good stuff about argan oil but i have not tried it yet. This sounds like a nice brand to try. Maybe it could work wonders on my son's sensitive skin.

  19. I actually hate applying oil to my body because I hate the sticky feeling. This post does remind me that I don't have any beauty regimen (or at least a routine where I actually take care of my skin and body) which I think I should.

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