Product Empties Vol. 1 (Lululun, Pond’s, Lactacyd, Human Heart Nature, Cow, Vanilla & Co, St.Ives, Betadine)

Jan 29, 2016 | Beauty & Fashion | 12 comments


Hello beauties! Welcome to my first Product Empties series! I’ve been reading a lot of product empties lately and I was inspired to make my own PE series! Others usually do this every month but I will make mine once in a while, sort of a collective product empties!

So let’s get into it!

LULULUN 7 days Japanese Facemask

This was given to me by my dear friend who stays in Japan for work. This consists of 7 facial masks sealed in one pack that you can use either everyday or depends on your schedule. According to my friend, Lululun is one of the famous skincare brand in Japan and she promised me to buy me a box if I will like this. And I did! I have dry patches on some parts of my face but after 3 masks consecutively, I noticed that it was all gone and my skin gets better than before. I was really impressed! Now I am waiting for my box to come this March, yeah!

It costs 1500yen (750php+) for one box which is super affordable for a 30 days supply! You can check their official website (in Japanese) here for more details.  

POND’S Acne Clear White

This brings a brightening effect on my face after wash which I really love. I did not break out given my acne-prone skin and super affordable. I’m on the 2nd tube and will repurchase soon. You can check my full review here. This small tube costs 80php+ and available in most leading groceries and beauty stores.

LACTACYD White Intimate

It took me months to finish this because you just need a small amount of product for every wash which I find very economical. I love the refreshing scent but I don’t think it was able to help whitens my darkened areas. Will I repurchase this? Maybe.

HUMAN HEART NATURE Balancing Facial Wash
HUMAN HEART NATURE Acne Defense Facial Wash

Lately, I’ve been using multiple facial washes and I’m lucky I am not breaking out hehe. This includes HHN Balancing Facial Wash, HHN Acne Defense Facial Wash, and the Pond’s Acne Clear White. All of them are okay in terms that they don’t give me break outs and I find them all suitable for sensitive skin like me. Will I repurchase this? YES.

You may also check out my detailed review on HUMAN HEART NATURE Balancing Facial Wash.

COW Beauty Soap

This was also given by my dear friend from Japan. Since this is a beauty soap I used this first on my face but it makes my skin itchy and resulted in some dry patches. So I used it for my body instead. It has a similar scent to Dial bar soap which smells refreshing after a bath.

VANILLA & CO. Extra Moisturizing Body Wash

I love its sweet-candy like scent that lifts up my mood while having my shower. Not that bubbly like other body wash though but this makes my skin soft and supple because of its extra-virgin olive oil and extra-virgin coconut oil content.  Will I repurchase this? YES.

ST. IVES Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

This has been a staple on my beauty shelf since college and it never failed me. I find reaching for this everytime I need deep cleansing after wearing make up most of the time. Will I repurchase this? YES.

You may read my detailed review here

BETADINE Feminine Wash

This took me a year or more to finish this bottle as I used it just once or twice a week. I love that it keeps me from infection. Will I repurchase it? YES.

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  1. Earth Love Skin

    I swear by St. Ives! I love their products. I love most of the things you have in this haul! I should try that Lululun mask, because I'm a sucker for everything skin food (that's why my blog is named Earth Love Skin although it's not entirely a beauty blog like you thought it was! Haha!)

    But I'm so happy I finally get to meet you sister dear! See you soon ulit at blogger events! Love you! Great post! I'll share this on my Facebook page if you don't mind? 🙂

    Iris @ Earth Love Skin

  2. Queen Elizabeth

    I love St. Ives..even my husband uses it. Their apricot scrub never goes out of stock in our bathroom closet!

  3. Mecheel Casenas

    St. Ives are the best! And of course, Lactacyd is included in my list too. You have a great PE list Sis!

  4. Berlin Maynigo

    St. Aves since college. Perhaps I should try that ponds acne clear white. I have some on my face because my mom gave me a vmv foundation and pressed powder, Di pala hiyang sa akin. Then I tried tea tree soil, dumami! Thanks for this.

  5. Pehpot Pineda

    Ay I love this blogging style/meme!

    Perfect for beauty junkies no?

  6. mommymadz

    I love Human Nature and St.Ives!

  7. mommymadz

    I love Human Nature and St.Ives!

  8. D

    St.Ives is a staple in our home! I can't live without it.

  9. Louisa

    I had to look up what Product Empties meant! I'm so behind on stuff like this. I use some of the same products and love Lactacyd!

  10. queenofthebangs

    Product empties! It's so fun to read up on these reviews to see what bloggers like and and tend to buy often. I was a St. Yves fanatic too before. 🙂

  11. jared's mum

    This Prouduc Empties post is very interesting, will give it a try one of these days! I love Human Nature product + have used these 2 before, now am using the Bamboo/Elemi Toner + Wash. I would love the other products you featured one of these days!


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