LuvA PureAir by Gwell Korea (Unboxing + Review)

Jan 14, 2016 | Health & Fitness | 24 comments

“LuvA stands for “Luv (Love) Air” that means we love clean air.” -Gwell Korea

As we all know, early childhood is a critical period for babies as this is the development stage of several biological systems.

Such as the brain, lung and immune system. And air toxins have a great effect on their health causing asthma and other lung-related diseases.

Introducing the LuvA Pure Air, the 4in1 Purifier that has sterilization, deodorization,  purification and aromatherapy functions. I am lucky that I was given a chance to try LuvA Pure Air for a month. Perfect timing for holidays where you prepare more food than usual and of course for New Year where fireworks are almost everywhere. I was secured and at peace knowing LuvA Pure Air is here to combat those causing-disease germs and to protect not only my little one but the entire family from getting sick. 




Its size is bigger than the usual purifier available in the local market. It measures 190 (radius) x 250mm and weighs 1.7kg. The design is pretty neat and simple which I’m liking. You will never know its an air purifier not until you examine its features. Its box, on the other hand, is full of information without referring to the manual.  

The box consists of the following: 1 air purifier unit, manual, AC Adaptor and extra pads.

User Manual

The user manual is very easy to understand how to clean and change its filter. 

AC Adaptor and extra pads


Simply attach the AC Adaptor to the unit (at the bottom part) and plug it. Do you see the big button at the center? Press it twice (it has two (2) speed modes) for more powerful filtration process. You will know it starts working once you hear the humming sound. Add 3 to 5 drops of oil-based scent on the pad for you to enjoy its aromatherapy function.

Luva Pureair has four functions that make the air you and your baby breathe safe and clean. The processes are Purification, Sterilization, Deodorization, and Aromatherapy. The first and only 4in1 functions purifier here in the Philippines will surely shield your family to various diseases.

I love for a fact that you do not need water to use it, just plug and press (the button at the center) and enjoy the health benefits that LuvA Pure Air could give you and your family. Moreover, the E-nano filter can be washed by just submerging it in water and not directly in the running water. You can check how much it filtered as the color of the filter will transform from white to gray.

How cool is that?

I placed the LuvA Pure Air in our kitchen to maximize its features as it can sterilize the chemicals from the gas stove and household cleaning materials, even from the cigarette smoke. It’s not the smelly kitchen anymore and my baby can stay there now without worrying he could inhale toxins and chemicals from our kitchen equipment. You can also place it in the living room, bedroom or even in your bathroom! I can attest this really removes bad smell!

I must say that LuvA Pure Air is an investment that is beneficial to you and your family, BIG time. 🙂

LuvA Pure Air retails at 11,990Php and available at Rustans Shangri-la, Rustans Makati and Rustans Alabang Town Center.  

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  1. Charleys Mommy

    We're looking for an air purifier especially when Baby Charley got sipon. This is quite pricey though, but let's see. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Mommy. 🙂

  2. Charleys Mommy

    We're looking for air purifier especially when Baby Charley got sipon. It's kinda pricey though. let's see. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Mommy. 🙂

  3. Joy Mendiola

    would love to try this. I like my home super clean super mabango. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Coi Ibanez

    It's nice but ang mahal huhuhuhu 🙁

  5. Mastermom Speaks

    I love air purifiers! I am so addicted to air fresheners, purifiers, and the like. But this one is mahal na for me hahaha. Thanks for sharing!

  6. LadyAnne Louise Barrun

    Such a great invention. Mommies really need this for their babies. Sana magkasale sila ng ganito.

  7. Celerhina Aubrey

    Uy this is interesting kaso mahal. 🙁 Anyway, I guess the fb link is not working.

  8. Lanie Lluch

    I love smelling fresh clean air. Good thing this works at your home. Sa amin, we are sensitive sa mga air freshener.

  9. Berlin Maynigo

    I burn incense instead. Sometimes, I have scented oils, too. I just love the smell of a clean house. Would love to try this but it's beyond our budget. Haha.

  10. Rowena Wendy Lei

    I wonder if this is the same or better than the Sharp Plasmacluster we are currently using.

  11. Pehpot Pineda

    Mahalia!! pero with all the benefits, great investment nga sya talaga.

  12. Louisa

    My godson needs this as he needs fresh and clean air. It's a bit expensive but when it comes to health it's a worthy investment.

  13. Marie Angeli Laxa

    Good health is really an important investment. We're blessed to live in a city with clean air but one can always do with extra precautions!

  14. mommymadz

    Hmm we have a humidifier.It is cool but expensive.

  15. Kharla Tanap

    omg need a good humidifier like this — will wait till it goes on sale :'(

  16. ayeeesha

    I'm looking for one actually. I'll check this out 🙂

  17. Jackie

    OMGash ang mahal! Haha but ang ganda! thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. D

    Sounds good but a bit too much for an air purifier though.

  19. fashioneggpplant

    this is so timely kse ive been out shopping for one. the air here is so dirty cause we live in close proximity to edsa and there's so much construction around. thanks!


    Any idea where I can buy spare filter for it online??

  21. Unknown

    any idea where i can buy spare filter for it online??

  22. Melissa C.Styer

    Such a great invention. Mommies really need this air purifier for their babies. We’re looking for an air purifier especially when Baby Charley got sipon. This is quite pricey though, but when it comes to health it’s a worthy investment.


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