Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016 (My Personal & Blogging Goals for 2016)

Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry for being MIA (missing in action) these past few weeks as our Christmas holiday was crazy busy and I also took rest from blogging since I want to spend my holidays with my two boys. Anyway, I am very excited to share with you that starting today I will be working on my blog, full-time. Yes, you read it right. I left my job to fully enjoy what I love doing: motherhood, blogging, and filming (soon!). Also, we are planning to start-up our own family business and I have to catch up with my school activities. As many of you not know, I am taking up my second course (BSBA in Financial Mgmt) in an Open University since 2014. Got a lot of things that need to be done, but yeah it’s exciting! Thanks to my husband who supports me all the way! 
2015 has been a good and very challenging year for me. We are blessed with a healthy baby boy named Cloud Dylan who will be having his 1st birthday this January 20. How time flies so fast! I was also challenged for being a first-time mom because I was not really fond of babies before hehehe. I was able to breastfeed Cloud up to this day (Hurray for that!) but struggling now with his teething stage huhuhu. He always bites which leads to sore and crack nipples, he has 4 teeth by the way (and another 2 upcoming).
Last 2015, this blog – Mommy Rockin’ In Style was born. I was able to attend few events (Blogapalooza 2015, Lazada, Fujidenzo, and MBP Christmas Party) which I really enjoyed and realized that blogging could this be so much hell of a fun! I was also able to meet fellow bloggers and became my friends. 
So aside from a little recap from 2015, let me share my personal and blogging goals this 2016. *drum rolling*

Personal Goals:

Learn how to drive
Learn how to bake or make sushi
Finish my school activities
To go back in working out
To start filming (hello Youtube!)

Blogging Goals:

Maintain one post per day
To gain more followers/readers through social media sites
More collaborations and partnerships, please? 🙂
To attend more blogger events and workshops
To gain more blogger friends

So far these are my goals and will (try) to keep them until 2016 ends *crossed fingers*

So how’s your holiday went?
What are your plans this 2016?

Thanks for dropping by!

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12 Replies to “Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016 (My Personal & Blogging Goals for 2016)

  1. Yay for more blogging this 2016. And filming??! Wow! I've always loved taking videos and is amazed by video editing kaya lang wala ata akong talent. Hihihi! Anyway, goodluck sa goals mo!

    P.S.: breastfeeding mum here too to my 22 month old daughter. Pag nangangagat, just say NO firmly. Look at his eyes and say NO. Do not smile, do not laugh. Then he'll understand that it's not funny to bite. I hope this helps.

  2. Goodluck on your new blogging journey this year! And I admire you for really deciding to leave your job and pursue something that you are so passionate about 🙂

  3. Congratulations again on your Mommy Rockin'In Style and best of luck for this year's blogging journey 🙂
    And Happy Birthday to your baby Dylan 🙂

  4. Hurray for 2016!!

    I hope to meet you in person soon! If you need help in blogging, I'm just a PM away 🙂

    My blogging goal naman is to at least post 1 topic each week from my 3 main categories and post at least 1 blogging tutorial or tips once a month 🙂

  5. Cheers to your blogging goals! I have my own too and almost the same as yours.. but events would be impossible for me, ang layo ko na kasi! 😀

  6. Cheers to 2016!

    Those are awesome blogging goals. Mine are updating my blog atleast 3x a week + writing more personal post 🙂

    I do enjoy attending blogging events from time to time, I do hope we'd bump into each other very soon! 🙂

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