Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam Review

Baking powder is a chemical leavening agent, a mixture of a carbonate or bicarbonate and a weak acid, and is used for increasing the volume and lightening the texture of baked goods. Baking powder works by releasing carbon dioxide gas into a batter or dough through an acid-base reaction, causing bubbles in the wet mixture to expand and thus leavening the mixture. It is used instead of yeastfor end-products where fermentation flavors would be undesirable[1] or where the batter lacks the elastic structure to hold gas bubbles for more than a few minutes,[2] or to speed the production. Because carbon dioxide is released at a faster rate through the acid-base reaction than through fermentation, breads made by chemical leavening are called quick breads. – Wikipedia

Moreover, baking powder is also greatly known for its whitening and deep cleansing property to your skin.

So today, I am sharing you my thoughts on my current favorite makeup remover which is the Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam.

Formulated with Baking Powder to penetrate and cleanse deep within pores to remove makeup and residues. 
Ideal for BB cream removal. 
100% Natural Fragrance 
Dye Free 
Active Ingredient: Baking Powder

Hubby surprised me last Christmas Day with a beauty loot which includes this and asked me to start using it right away. Since I wear makeup almost every day, makeup remover (in many forms) has been my best friend. 

Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam is in a squeeze tube container with 150ml of product inside. The product is in a white thick form and has a subtle citrus scent. Upon lathering, you will get noticed the small particles which happen to be the baking powder. 

I love the feeling when it touches my face as it has a cooling sensation and in just a few seconds, you will notice that the white foam will turn into brown which means that your make up comes off easily.

I also love that my face feels/looks squeaky clean after wash and doesn’t irritate nor develop pimples when I used it. It is not drying at all! However, I still prefer to wash them again with my current facial wash to clean it thoroughly

Since a little amount of this product goes a long way, I think I could finish this tube for 3 to 4 months (if everyday use). 
Where to buy? In all Etude House stores nationwide
How much? 500Php+ (will update this once I have the exact amount)
Cute Packaging
Lathers really well
Makeup comes off easily (even waterproof)
Did not irritate my face , no break outs
Small product goes a long way
Not drying
This is my favorite among all the makeup removers I have tried in terms of how it cleanse your face.
I will definitely recommend this who wears makeup almost everyday as it offers deep cleansing and not irritating to sensitive skin like me. 
What’s your current favorite make up remover?
I would love to hear them and will definitely try them if given the chance.
Thanks for dropping by!


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31 Replies to “Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam Review

  1. I have heard so much about using baking powder/ soda in facial regimes but had never seen it in cosmetics. I really hope something like this makes its way to South Africa – I'd love to try it!!

  2. I use baking powder to clean our tiles and it's so effective. The back package also promises whiter teeth if used as toothpaste. Haven't tried it though. Now as make up remover, it's just nice to know the many uses of baking powder!

  3. Do you have any recommendations for facial wash? And lipstick na rin, affordable and good on someone who doesn't put on make up. Yung konting powder and lipstick, ok na. Haha. Sorry for my questions. Thanks for the review.

  4. your hubby is so cute! 🙂
    Anyway, I don't have a make-up remover because I don't use make-up as often na…sis is it necessary ba to use one even though concealer and powder lang gamit ko? Thanks!

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