December 2015 Beauty Haul (Human Heart Nature, Nature Republic, Etude House, Skin Food, Instant Argan Oil)


Welcome to another beauty haul dearies!

I know its tad bit late but I will be sharing this to you anyway! 🙂
I tagged along with my mother-in-law at the Human Heart Nature Store in Commonwealth to buy some Christmas presents and I was able to buy some few items for me to try out. You can also shop on their website at or might as well go to your nearest Landmark or Beauty Bar Stores. 
Human Heart Nature Pure Rosehip Oil – 695Php
Sunflower Beauty Oil – 149.75Php
Gentle Cleansing Oil – 199.75Php
Human Heart Nature Soothing Balm – 99.75Php
Rescue Balm – 99.75Php
And now, I’m sharing to you what hubby gave me this Christmas. We agreed that we will not buy presents for each other but he surprised me with this beauty loot on Christmas Day!
Nature Republic Facial and Foot Masks


Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam 
Skin Food Grape Seed Oil Body Lotion

I am currently using the EH Deep Cleansing Foam and SF Body Lotion and I am loving it so far so stay tuned for my reviews.

Lastly, below photos are a haul from Watsons before the year ends. Cloud developed rashes aka skin asthma on his elbows and legs and my sister-in-law recommended this Instant Argan Oil. She had used it on her daughter who developed skin asthma as well and was gone after applying it on the affected areas.
We opted to buy the Instant Argan Oil package that comes with the loofah and soap. Because the argan oil alone was out of stock since last month. This box costs 899Php +. 
My eyes caught these little babies hanging on the rack and took all the different variety of Quick FX. Been reading a lot of good reviews about them and I’m excited to try it for myself. All (except for CC cream which costs 89Php) costs 50Php. Super budget friendly! 
So what do you want me to make a review first? 
Let me hear it in the comment section below. 
Thanks for dropping by dearies!


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18 Replies to “December 2015 Beauty Haul (Human Heart Nature, Nature Republic, Etude House, Skin Food, Instant Argan Oil)

  1. I'll look forward your post regarding the Quick Fix products. I've been seeing it and interested to try. Will wait for you review because I try it out. :)❤️ Louise |

  2. dami! heard so much about human nature's sunflower beauty oil. bought that last friday when i chance upon it at beauty bar. got a number of burn marks (lalo na ung tilamsik ng cooking oil) sa braso and i hope this sunflower beauty oil will bring magic. ihihi.

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