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LOL Face Primer Review

Primer plays a major role to my combination skin, because without it my face looks like a grease ball after few hours. Primer helps to keep my oil at bay, holding it as long as it can until it finally gave in.

And when it is done, that is the time I needed to blot and retouch. 

I’ve been using my Rimmel London Stay Matte for such a long time and it brings me satisfaction on its oil-control power, however, I cannot say it is my HG (Holy Grail) just yet. I have to look and try something else. 

 I stumbled upon this LOL Face Primer during my visit at Watsons – SM North EDSA. Since it only costs 159Php/$3.3, I tossed it in my shopping cart right away with other affordable makeup products I would love to try. You can check out my recent Watsons haul here. I decided to try it hoping this will work on me, who wouldn’t love the thought that affordable makeup products work well on your skin?


You can prettify yourself without hurting your budget!

Apparently, this LOL Face Primer has a paraben ingredient, so if you are looking for a paraben-free primer then this is not for you at all. Aside from its ingredients, the distributor, batch no., bar code and product life span of 12 months are also indicated at the back of the tube.  

LOL Face Primer is in a squeezetube packaging with a simple black design.

The primer itself is in white color with a subtle sweet scent that is similar to a moisturizer. Do not worry if you have a sensitive nose as the scent will vanish once you apply it on your face.
I find the application easy since it has a rich and creamy formula. However, it needs time to set on your face. It also has a sheer finish, unlike Rimmel London, Stay Matte that gives me a “smooth canvass” before my make up application. In addition, it did not even cover my big pores.

Considering it has a sheer finish, it makes my foundation a bit cakey.

In addition, I started to oil up earlier for about 2 to 3 hours after application. So I guess this works well with people who have dry skin. I was able to use it for a week straight and I am glad I did not break out.

Has a rich and creamy formula
Available locally 
No breakouts

Has sheer finish
Did not cover my big pores
Makes my foundation cakey
Holds up my oil for 2-3hrs only

I guess I have to pass on this one and back on my Rimmel London Stay Matte until I find a new primer to try out. Do you know any affordable primer that works well with combination skin?
Please let me know in the comment section below.

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14 Comments on “LOL Face Primer Review

  1. Ang muraaa! but with that kind of price, medyo kaduda duda din!

    I only used one primer brand dati (L Oreal yata) stopped using one since I started using CC cream.. it's the only cream na hndi inaway ng acidic kong face 🙂

  2. I have been fascinated with primers after finding out what it can actually do to make up… but i'm not a make up type of woman so this information is a big help for me… Thinking of getting one still haventvdecided what brand.. Thanks for the head up!

  3. Not really a primer person I usually just go straight to the cc cream! If ever I do try it, will take note of your review really helpful!

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