Last-Minute Gift Ideas for your Officemates and Friends

Christmas is just around the corner, are you done with your Christmas shopping? Well, we haven’t and we still got a long way to go. Good thing we still have two more weeks before Christmas, enough time to complete our checklist!  
In today’s post, I am sharing you some gift ideas perfect for your girl/boyfriends this coming Christmas season. 
Cosmetic Pouch – One of the girl must-have. I believe girls loves to organize her things like I do. It is also one of our travel essentials to keep our things organize during our trip.
 Bracelets / Arm Candies – I am not into bracelets but I still love to receive gifts like this to add to my collection. (website to be updated)
 Shawl – this is perfect if you work in an air-conditioned room.  They have different styles and design to choose from.
Lipsticks / Lipglosses –  Another girl must-have! Bring that pop of color to their face. There’s a lot of budget-friendly lip products on the market now.

Hair BrushAnother girl must-have! Every girl ensures that their crowning glory is at its best at all times.


How about a knife for a friend who loves to cook?!


Karabiner Lanyard Keychain (website to be updated)

Coin Purse for Men

Socks for Men

Swiss Knife

Flashlight Keychain


Planner / Journal

Pen holder for desk

Mini Calculator

Office Mug

Desk Plants

So that‘s it! I hope you find my last minute gift ideas helpful!
Thanks for reading!

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11 Comments on “Last-Minute Gift Ideas for your Officemates and Friends

  1. What cute ideas! The Starbucks one though might be a bit hard, lol, since you have to collect the stickers before actually getting the product. (or can one just buy it nowadays?)

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