CALA Make-Up Cleansing Tissues in Collagen and Aloe Vera Review


Amid the wide selection of makeup removers available in the market from cleansing lotions, cleansing oils and cleansing wipes.

I chose the latter because I find it the most convenient to use. Cleansing wipes are so handy where you can bring them anywhere you go. They also have a different variety to choose from and have additional benefits which I’m loving.
So for today’s post, I am sharing these great finds at Puregold Duty-Free in Subic Bay Philippines. I bought CALA Make-Up Cleansing Tissues in Collagen and Aloe Vera for an affordable price of 1usd each (30 sheets/pack)! Aside from Duty-Free, I am not so sure if you can find them as well in all Watsons or SM Beauty Stores (will update this once confirmed). If yes, then that’s great news!
If you didn’t know about CALA, they are one of the leading manufacturer and distributor in the US of premium quality beauty care products. 

To know more about them, visit their official website here.

Moving on, I’m glad that I purchased their cleansing tissues because true to its claim that it leaves your skin smooth and soft. The wipes are soaked in an adequate amount of serum. They are also sturdy yet soft and delicate to my super sensitive skin. I love for a fact that my make up (even waterproof) easily comes off every time I used it. And most of all, it leaves my skin squeaky clean, fresh and vibrant. No sticky feeling at all.


Smells so good
Leaves my skin fresh and vibrant
Easily removes makeup



Will I purchase it again? Definitely YES! 


CALA Make-Up Cleansing Tissues has 9 variants and you can check them out here. I hope they are available in Watsons because I would love to try them all. 

One of the best cleansing wipes I have tried. 🙂  

Are you into cleansing wipes like I do?
Share your favorites in the comment section below. 

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  1. I haven't really tried make-up remover wipes, but I think my OC side would just keep on telling me that I need to wash my face.

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