Santiago – Kain, Kape, Kwento

Hubby and I had a chance “again” to make some time alone because it’s my birthday. A birthday dinner indeed wohooo! We did not go far and we opted to dine where else? Nothing else but along Katipunan, Quezon City! We will never get tired of that place because there’s a bunch of restaurants to try out. Plus the fact that it is near in our house and less traffic so we could go home in time! Even Cloud barely noticed that Mommy and Daddy went on a dinner date hihihi.
So this time, we tried something different. Filipino food.
View from the main entrance

Kain, Kape, Kwento. Sounds catchy right? But these are the perfect words to describe Santiago. Kain and Kape pertains as they offer both main dishes and desserts. Kwento because they have stylish and comfortable place. The feeling is like you are at your own home and can discuss everything under the sun. I love their flooring!

I also love that they have extra space at the 2nd floor for mini gatherings or for private use.  

They have this mini bakery and they also sell delicacies such as Polvoron, Banana Chips, Toffee Sansrival, breads and etc. 

 The bold colors of their cakes makes me want to try them all! Especially the purple one! But instead, we ended up trying their best seller Sapin-Sapin cheesecake.

My favorite part at Santiago! Feels like you are in your own room. There are books where kids can read/browse while waiting for their food.

The displays is so homey, I must say! I want to bring them home heheh.

Hope you can read ’em
 As you can see, they offer a wide variety of Filipino foods from breakfast to dinner. They have pasta, grilled items and beverages too! What more could you ask for? They have almost everything!

Presenting their best seller Batangas Caldereta 387Php. 

In homage to my hometown, slow cooked beef ribs, sirloin, belly, chili, pickles, cheese and prepared with a lot of love.

Vegetables in Coconut Milk 383Php

Sigarilyas, squash, okra, string beans, malunggay leaves and eggplant, smoked tilapya flakes and grilled pork Liempo

 This Sapin sapin cheesecake is really enticing! And unique too! Imagine Sapin sapin incorporate in the cheesecake? Superb! The purple part is ube and the taste blends really well with the cheese. Yumyum!

 Of course, this food experience will not be completed without bringing home their best seller delicacies.

Overall, the food was great and full of flavor. Besides, you will never go wrong with Filipino food right? Cost-wise, they are reasonable given that it can be shared by two or more people per order. Great customer service too! The place is perfect for a family dinner. Will definitely come back to try other dishes on the menu.

202 Blue Ridge Katipunan Ave. Quezon City

What‘s your favorite Filipino food restaurant?
Do share them in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Wow I love Filipino foods, the place looks so nice, and its great kasi may kids corner din sila, di mahirap sa mga mommy if may mga anak kasama ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy birthday mommy and more blessings to your family.

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