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My Watsons Finds

Welcome to another haul post!

So I went for a little shopping at Watsons after Hubby and I watched Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 last week. And OMG, they have on-going sale on most of their items and I restrained myself not to buy stuffs that will be just sitting in my vanity forever. I questioned myself if I will use it or not for every item I grabbed. Yes, that is me now. Improving right? Lols. 

Anyway, as the title itself, let me share my mini Watsons haul. *drum rolling*

Let’s start with skincare. I am currently revamping my skin care regimen, and I am looking for products more on firming and has anti-aging properties. I cared less on my skin since I gave birth and lately I just realized my skin looks dull and lifeless. And hello! I just turned 30, so I have to take extra care of my skin now. Any recommendations? 

So for now, I started with these facial masks and nose packs. I’ve been using Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask from Healthy Options years ago but since I now have a baby, I need a facial mask which is easy to use yet gives the same glow as Queen Helene’s. I do hope my skin brightens on these products! I also tried IWhite Nose packs before and somehow it removes my stubborn blackheads. 

Radiant & brightening moisturizing facial mask – 55php
Beauty Buffet Apple and Evening Rose, Red Grapes – 49php each
IWhite Nose Pack – 18php each

And now let us move on to the make ups!

Ushas Lips Amore Lip Color Collection – 169php
Fashion Forward Eyeshadow + Blush Palette – 99php
LoL Face Base Primer – 159php
Bobbie Cosmetics Pucker Up Lipstick – 85php

The SA said that Ushas and Fashion Forward are Watsons brand and that is why they are very cheap. I fell in love with their packaging and I’m super excited to try and make them a review. I bought Bobbie Cosmetics Lipstick because these are the cheapest lipstick I’ve seen. Let us see if these are nay or yay. 

So that’s it for my haul, I do hope I could visit Watsons again at the soonest because there are so so many beauty items I wanted to try. What’s your favorite Watsons find? I would love to hear it from you. 🙂

Also, any recommended brand for anti-aging products?

Thanks for reading! 

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