My Lazada Online Revolution 2015 Haul

Nov 16, 2015 | Lazada, Online Revolution 2015, whatsin | 19 comments

Okay, so my most awaited sale of the year has finally come! The shopaholic inside of me was screaming! Ahhh ang daming SALE!! But I keep telling myself to resist and buy the things that I/we really need. And so far, I am very happy with my purchases and very IMPRESSED on Lazada’s service.
I made my purchases last 11/11 and was able to receive all items in just 4 days. I love that they have a delivery schedule during weekends.

Queen’s Classic Linen Collection Fitted Bedsheet Set (BBL-040) 469Php

Digital Power Charger with 4pcs 600mAh Rechargeable Batteries 322.34Php from 1300Php
8 Pocket Hanging Bag Organizer Set of 3 398Php from 999Php
CWL-101S 3-Switch High-Quality Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (White) 899Php from 1800Php
Ab Abdominal Roller Wheel 391Php from 1199Php
Remote Control Organizer 399Php from 889Php
Bath Essential BMM-BE Bath Mat 199.75Php
Bedtime Premium 3-Piece Voyager Bedding Set (Multicolor) 288Php from 529Php
Mango Quilted Bowling Bag (Red) 999Php from 4000Php+
This is what I am most excited about. A new bag! 
However, I read reviews about this Mango Quilted Bowling Bag that it is fake and has defects but upon checking them, it looks authentic and in good condition naman.
The items came on our doorstep one by one until my orders are completed. Maybe because they are from different sellers. I love that its well-packaged (with bubble wrap) and properly taken care off to avoid breakage during the transport. I also love that they always inform you thru email and text the updates on your orders.

  It was my first time to shop at Lazada and I am very much impressed with their service. Now I can’t help not to check Lazada from time to time hihihi. Moreover, if you are a new Lazada customer, you can get a discount of ₱ 100 when you make your first order over ₱ 1000.

I bet you also have your own Lazada Online Revolution 2015 Haul!
I would love to hear yours in the comment section below

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  1. Trishna Patel

    I've never heard of Lazada but it sure does sound great, I need to check it out ♥

  2. TS Detector

    Great purchases! I love that Mango bag and I must say I hate that ab wheel thing but just because I can't do a single exercise on it haha 🙂 You will do better, I'm sure.
    Ivona from

  3. LadyAnne Louise Barrun

    Great products you purchased from Lazada. So sad I missed the online sale. I love your bag 🙂

  4. giL

    Great haul! =) haha This is very enticing. =0

  5. Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    Good finds you got there! Unfortunately, I had a not-so-happy experience with Lazada. I bought a watch and it tarnished a couple of weeks after. I went to the shop of the brand and it turned out they didn't carry the watch model. Might be fake? Till now, it has not been resolved. I was told to return the item just like that.

  6. Resa Peralta

    Wow ang dami mong nabili ate Mhaan! I also have some items on my wishlist sa Lazada, praying that I'll get to purchase them soon para makahabol padin sa sale! Haha

  7. Mommy Charm

    I have not tried ordering from Lazada because of negative reviews I've read online. Pero I am a suki of Zalora and yes, I recently had a haul too! Hubby doesn't know it yet since uuwi pa lang sya this week. That Mango bag looks pretty!

  8. Balot

    Wow! shopping galore si mommy! Love the remote organizer 😀

  9. Melisa Sanchez

    Such a good product and mabuti maraming sales ngayon, nakakaloka sales dito sales doon pati online. I haven't try shop online ayaw kong e try baka ma adik ako hahahah!

  10. Shalene Salvatierra

    Remote stand! I should've shopped rin sana, kaya lang the Nescafe red mug machine isn't available. My husband bought a bluetooth headphone 🙂

  11. Levy

    Ang dami! shocks gusto ko yang rechargeable batteries with charger. Sayang!

  12. cheanne

    I got my second order today. I only bought 2 items from the sale. I was practising self control haha! I wanted to get that Mango bag also but I decided against it when I read some of the reviews.

  13. Nilyn EC Matugas

    That's a huge haul you got there mommy! The stores are offering their holiday sales already! I don't want to look, I don't want to get tempted! haha!

  14. Rowena Wendy Lei

    I love online shopping. It's so much more convenient than actually going out XD

  15. lorly omadto

    I also got my eye on a room ceiling lamp from Lazada. Christmas sale everywhere!

  16. ayeeesha

    You bought a lot 🙂 I bought few items from Lazada and it was a pleasurable experience 🙂


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