Bioré Cleansing Oil Review

If you have been my reader for a long time, you would know that I always stick to my cleansing duo which is the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion and Giggles Wet wipes.  This is my cleansing regimen for a long time that I can’t barely remember when it started. Hmmm 2011 perhaps? 
Nowadays, aside from the usual alcohol-based make up removers you could find in the stores, some skin-care brands came up with a more gentle and more ways to remove your make up. One brand is the Bioré (Biyo-ree) which is a No. 1 make up remover in Japan that recently landed here in the Philippines. Currently, Biore has 3 kinds of make up removers; the cleansing oil, micellar cleansing water and cleansing oil cotton facial sheets. You can check out my review on the cleansing oil cotton facial sheets HERE.

This Bioré Cleansing Oil was included in my BDJ September Elite Box (See my unboxing HERE). Bioré is also available in all Watsons and SM Department Stores. This particular Cleansing Oil retails at 299php/ 150ml.

Cleansing oil is new to me so it took me courage to try it. I avoided oil-based products given that I have super oily skin. Oil + Oil = more oil! But after reading other reviews, I gave in to try. Some of the users also have the same skin type, so I guess there is no harm in trying.
I consider myself as a heavy make up user because I am using a medium to full coverage foundation. So I guess, this is perfect for me! I love the fact that it is in a pump bottle and not messy to use. 
 The smell is so refreshing. I also love that its clear so you can see how the make up dissolves on your face. It definitely removes my make up in an instant and leaves a fresh feeling! I think this can act as facial cleanser too. On the side note, for me, using this is quite consuming. I have 5 pumps every session which I find not practical if you are on a tight budget. I think this bottle is good for a month or less.
1. Gentle on skin
2. No greasy and sticky feeling
3. Smells nice
4. Easily removes waterproof make up
5. Leaves your skin fresh
6. Available locally
7. Packaging
1. Price
1. Quite consuming but depends on the user
 For me, I won’t use this on a daily basis but this is perfect for travel as you do not need to bring make up remover and cotton pads separately.
Have you tried Bioré Cleansing Oil?
Share your experience on the comment section below. 
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