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10 Important Things to know about breastfeeding

I decided to breastfeed my little one even before I gave birth to my son. Before I joined Breastfeeding Pinays on Facebook, I thought breastfeeding is such an easy peasy task a mother would do. I started reading pinned posts and Q & A portions about breastfeeding because I wanted to be well-informed nor more educated than people around me. First thing you must know that breastmilk is the only thing a baby needs for the first six (6) months of his life. As people say, “Mabuti na yung may alam.”

In this post, I will share with you some important things you must know about breastfeeding. 

1. Aside from the fact that breastmilk is the only thing your baby needs for his first 6 months of his life, your patience and perseverance is your key to success in breastfeeding your little one. I experienced ups and downs in my own journey but I still keep going to breastfeed as long as my son wants to. 

2. Your milk supply is determined by the stimulation that your baby provides while nursing. In other words, the more you breastfeed, the more milk your body produces. So, if you seem to be producing less milk than usual, try to feed your baby more often. You also can pump after nursing to help stimulate more milk production.

But remember, you can pump your milk after your first 6 weeks as it may cause an oversupply of milk or worst, mastitis.

3. As much as possible feed your little one by demand. Watch your baby and not the 2-3 hours feeding time. Learn the hunger cues. 

4. It is very normal if you find your newborn asking for milk every hour. Breastmilk can be easily digested and your little one’s tummy is as small as a cherry on day 1. 

5. Sore and cracked nipples. I am sure every mother who breastfeeds their little ones experienced this. No fret though as there are nipple creams in the market like Lansinoh, Mustela, Pigeon or Motherlove that can soothe and heal your exhausted nipples.

However, if you are in a budget like I do, you may try applying your own breastmilk on the affected part and let it air dry. Others say, let your baby latch as their saliva can help to heal your sore and cracked nipples in no time.

In my case, I bear the excruciating pain and let my little one latch every 30 minutes for 1 hour and my nipples got numb after a week. Whew!

6. To those working mothers, you may start building your stash after the “6 weeks period” as you have established your milk supply. I suggest expressing milk from 12 midnight to 5 am as people say that you have more milk supply during wee hours which I can attest.

You can choose from manual to electric breast pump depends on your lifestyle and of course, your budget. In my case, I chose the Spectra 9+ – a double electric pump since I express milk at my workstation.

For milk storage, there are different kinds available (depending on your budget too) in the market from storage bags, storage cups or storage bottles. You can check them out in all SM or Landmark Department Stores. 

8. Maintain a healthy diet or you may also take food supplements like “malunggay” capsules to help to maintain your milk supply.

9. If you are a breastfeeding mom, as much as possible do not take any sort of medicines without your doctor’s prescription. You may also search for Lactmed on the internet to check what are the prescriptions for lactating mothers.

10. Breastfeeding is a wonderful journey with your little one. Even my nipples got sore nor cracked, I continue to breastfeed as it is one way my little one and I get to bond. Also, the fact that you nourished your baby with your own breastmilk that is full of nutrients. It is one of the best things a mother can give it to our child. 

Hope you learned something from this and enjoy breastfeeding!

28 Comments on “10 Important Things to know about breastfeeding

  1. I've done my own share of breastfeeding but only for two months, need to go back to my corporate job, my limiting factor :(. It is nice to see that nowadays, companies are adapting pro-breastfeeding policies.

  2. I envy all of you who successfully breastfed. Unfortunately, I have tried but it only lasted for 3days.

    I accepted the fact that I am one of those who have insufficient glandular tissue to provide enough supply.

    Or I think my kids has high feeding requirements, "malalaki kasing tao". Lol

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