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What’s In: Storytell Prints – Your Printing Services Mobile App

Nowadays, all mobile phones have camera features. And every time you see something cool, or beautiful or something makes me you happy, you bring out your phone and take a snap of it. I bet sometimes you take a photo of what food you are about to eat. And hellooo SELFIE! Camera is now part of our everyday life. Admit it. 😛

But how do you preserve such good memories?

When Cloud came out, I always wanted to buy him a baby photo album. But since I have no extra time for others but for my own newborn baby, I was able to buy one after 4 months of planning. Actually, I bought it unexpectedly at Youji in Trinoma because it was on sale that time. If it wasn’t on SALE, I won’t able to buy him a photo album lols. So my next assignment is on how to fill it with memories thru pictures. 

If it takes time for me to buy Cloud his own photo album, what more going to a studio to develop his pictures. No fret, Storytell Prints is here to help. 

Storytell Prints is a “printing” mobile application you can download in Apps Store and Google Play. Instead of going to a studio to develop your pictures, you can just submit the photos (either from your Gallery, Facebook and Instagram account) you want to be printed through their application.

I paid Php450 for 32pcs of 4″x4″ Polastyle and it took me 3 days before I receive my orders. I love the output! Their materials is sturdy enough to keep them forever. Oh, did I mention they have a FREE SHIPPING promo?

  Thanks who came up with this brilliant idea. I have saved time, gas and money because I won’t need to go to the studio to print my photos anymore. All I need is my phone and internet connection and I’m good to go. 

To know more about them, you may visit at

Thank you for reading beauties!

Much Love,

Mommy Mhaan

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25 Comments on “What’s In: Storytell Prints – Your Printing Services Mobile App

  1. Now I suddenly thought that I also have not finished my Carl's photo album! I have considered ordering from Photobook but haven't finished my creation until now! Haha. Gotta check this one out =)

  2. We have 3 albums actually but has just a few photos only. Most of our pictures are either save on our computer or PC. We also have an instax camera and had used it with 20 films. Wanted to take more pictures but the film is so expensive >.<

  3. Nice one! It's so much cheaper than the actual Polaroids or the Instax ones. I have the cameras but have not bought film because they're crazy expensive. Haha! I'd definitely do this once we have our place na — I really want a photo wall at home!

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