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Wet n Wild XXL Lash Review


Hello beauties! Long time no beauty-related post! 🙂
Anyway, if you are one of my long-time readers you knew that I do not wear eye make up that much. I am not an eyeshadow person so I just stick in using mascara and eyeliners. However, I do not used them on a daily basis because no. 1, wearing them makes my eyes feels heavy and no. 2, I’m wearing an eyeglasses so applying eye make up looks worthless especially when I’m just wearing a mascara hehehe. So I just wear them whenever I want to, hmmm twice a week perhaps.
My current mascaras I’ve been using for months now is the Maybelline The Hypercurl (will post a separate review) and Wet n Wild XXL Lash (237Php) which includes in my Luxola HAUL last August.

Wet n Wild is available in all Watsons and SM Department Stores nationwide and one of the affordable drugstore brand yet delivers good quality make up products.
The wand has a “spiral bristle” in a typical size which helps to separate the lashes when applying the mascara. I noticed that it has a wet to dry formula which very different to the Maybelline The Hypercurl. I used it after a month so I am not so sure if it does really a dry formula or it just dried up when idle. 
It is not the blackest black you can get but this looks fine with me. 
I have a naturally thick “flat-down” long lashes, so imagine how dull it looks whenever I don’t wear eye make up, thanks to my eye glasses! I tried to apply one layer of Wet n Wild XXL Lash to see if it would makes a big difference. As I expected, my lashes still looks the same as bare. 
On the other side, I curled my lashes first before I apply one layer and that gave me a pretty descent look. Wet n Wild XXL Lash claims to thickens and amplifies your lashes but this does not worked on me.  However, it does holds the curl pretty well for a long hours and doesn’t smudge too! I also love the fact that it can be easily remove with my Bifesta + Wet Wipes. 
1. Holds the curl very well and for long hours
2. Smudge-proof
3. Can remove easily
4. Affordable and available locally
1. Has a wet to dry formula
1. Does not thickens nor amplifies my lashes. 
2. Has a subtle chemical scent
Overall, even this does not thickens my lashes I still use it as it is pretty decent holding up my curls. Will I repurchase it? Not this particular product but I am willing to try other Wet n Wild mascaras in the future. 
Have you tried this Wet n Wild XXL Lash?
If not, what’s your favorite current mascara?
Thank you for reading beauties!
Much Love,
Mommy Mhaan
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35 Comments on “Wet n Wild XXL Lash Review

  1. First time to hear about this brand to be honest. I'm just not that good with make up but I love seeing others try these on. How I wish I can do miracles with my hands. haha ~Pearliza Paguio

  2. I love make-ups but I'm not really into mascaras… most of the time i'm not really comfortable with it.. however, i still wear one only on special occasions! That's good to try though.. thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. *sigh* I haven't put make up on in ages! Haven't been paying much attention to me since becoming a mom. This mascara looks good, though! Now, might be a good time to start paying attention to my face again! Hehe :p

  4. Thanks for this post! I was thinking of buying this a new 2-in-1 eyeliner/mascara (my old brand was a Nichido, it amplifies my lashes for sure) but reading the cons of Wet N Wild made me want to rethink. Is it not irritable with your eyes? How long do you usually wear it in a day if you apply it? My common problem with mascaras and eyeliners is that I often wear contacts so applying makeup after somehow irritates my eyes.And I agree with the seldom-wearing-makeup part! We're the same on that level. Have you tried a barely-there makeup look though?Loved your review, I might ask the Watson ladies what they think about this brand too.Iris

  5. Hello Iris! I wear mascara for 6-8 hours and so far it doesnt irritate my eyes. Thank God! If your eyes are very sensitive, you may try those organic make up products in the market. Thanks for the visit dear. 🙂

  6. I only wear make-up when I need to. Ewan ko ba! Simula nung naging mommy ako hindi na ako masyado maayos sa sarili ko samantala nung college mas makapal pa sa mukha ko ang make-up ko! Joke lang. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this post, mommy Maan. I will take note of this brand kapag naisipan kong bumili ng maskara, este mascara. 😛

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