Unboxing: Iphone 6 (vs. Iphone 5)

After more than 2 years of using an Iphone 5, I was able to replaced it with a new Iphone 6 . Thanks to hubby for granting my wish *wide smile* I was supposed to get the Iphone 6Plus but its too big for me and for sure I will be needing my two hands in using it. Which is a big NO for a mommy like me. *Let’s talk about multitasking here.*

I got my Iphone 6 (in Gold – 128mbgb) when I had my re-contract with Globe as my network provider. I already finished my 24-months contract and its my time to get a new phone hehehe. I made my reservation via phone call thru their Customer Hotline and after few days, I received a confirmation that my unit is now available for pick up. Boy that was fast. I thought this would take few weeks. Anyway, my Globe lifestyle plan is Php1499 and I bought this unit for Php22,800. Good deal right? 

Moving on to the unboxing! πŸ™‚

 The package includes the Iphone 6 unit, Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic, Lightning to USB Cable, 5W USB Power Adapter and the manual (inside the box). 

In case you are wondering the specifications of this IPhone 6, you may check it HERE

Let us move on with the highlights of this post. Iphone 6 vs Iphone 5.

Iphone 5 was first released last September 2012. Meanwhile the Iphone 6 was September last year (2014). Iphone 6 measures 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm while Iphone 5 measures 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm. If you always watch videos like I do, you will appreciate a bigger screen. On the other hand, I was used to a slimmer handy phone so it took me time to grasp the Iphone 6 comfortably in just one hand.

Iphone 6 is heavier than the Iphone 5 for about 17 grams.  Both main body are made of aluminum and so smooth that are almost slippery. In my case, I always use silicon case to avoid slipping it on my hand and to protect it from scratch/dent as well.

 Left photo shows that the volume controls changed that accommodates its thin and round design of the new Iphone 6. On the right photo, the sleep/wake button placement has changed as well on the left side from its original location which is on top near the front face camera.   

Design-wise, I love Iphone 6 for its thin and round design (and lightweight too!). And most importantly, I love its bigger screen. I prefer browsing using this rather than on my computer. If you have been an Iphone user for a long time, you won’t feel a big difference on its performance atleast for me. Iphone 6 is one of the latest model (because Iphone 6s is coming) so expect that it has a higher resolution, better retina display and more responsive than the previous ones.
I’m not really a tech guru so I am sharing you the complete comparison HERE.
I hope this post helped you somehow. πŸ™‚
 Thank you for taking the time reading this. 
Much Love,
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30 Replies to “Unboxing: Iphone 6 (vs. Iphone 5)

  1. I had a big jump in the upgrades, I went from an iPhone 4S to iPhone 6 Plus and I love it! It's much bigger and slimmer, it feels so lightweight; although, I feel like all the functions are pretty much the same, but the battery die so fast and my data goes crazy fast!


  2. Mhaan. Ang gwapo lang niya noh?
    I wish I can replace my 4s soon. It's dying. Actually my glass screen shattered and I had it replaced lang.
    Baka you can pray that my husband also grants my wish. Hahahaha!! πŸ™‚

    Ang gwapo lang talaga..
    But but but.. The 6s has a rosegold noh? Pink sells. I think it's calling me. Hihihi…

    Ang saya mo!!

  3. That's awesome! I currently have the 5s and i don't think i'm ready to move on yet. I want the iphone 6s if ever i get the chance. By the way when you say iphone 6 128mb do you mean 128gb?

  4. My iPhone 4s is still working perfectly fine and I don't think I can afford just yet to have it replaced. Nate-tempt na rin ako tuloy mag switch sa Globe postpaid =P

  5. I've been using iPhone 6 for a while now, too, from iPhone 5s, and I love it, we even have the same color, hihi, so feminine ng gold no? haha. Because of the release of the new iPhone 6s and 6+s, Globe is lowering their cashout price for the units.

  6. Ganda! So sad I can't afford to buy one in cash right now – I'm not using a postpaid plan kasi because it's not the most ideal fit for my WAHM lifestyle. But I am actually looking for a new phone right now. Like you, I prefer something slim and relatively smaller because I need to be able to use it using only one hand!

  7. I have always been an android user.. but I love my macbook air, I've been thinking of switching to an Iphone next time…maybe when the budget permits.. or when my current phone gets old hehe… thanks for the informative post!

  8. haha im still on iphone 5… my ever reliable phone-slash-camera-slash-notebook-slash-diary-slash-portable office! i have no complaints about it except i'm running out of space. imagine 4000+ photos? (and about 75% is my baby's haha)… my luvidub's giving me a new one yata this christmas… yata! keeping my fingers crossed hihihi!

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