My Blogapalooza 2015 Seasons Experience

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I started blogging few months ago so I can’t tell much about my blogging experience. So far, I am enjoying it, and I never thought blogging could be as HUGE as working in a corporate world. I also never thought I would fell inlove in writing, which by the way is the lamest thing I could do during my school years hehehe. I hate long essays back then, but thanks to my teachers for not failing my subjects. 
Anyway, even I just started recently, I am blessed to participate on the yearly Blogapalooza event. So what does Blogapalooza is all about? It is basically where bloggers meet future clients and advertisers. Imagine that you will get to know multiple businesses altogether in one day. Sounds exciting right?

I think they were more than twenty participating brands but I will just feature my favorite ones. 

For me they have the most perfect spot in the venue because they are the first booth you will see once you get in. I also love their friendly staffs. They gave us 1 pack of triple chocolate variant, which tastes like HEAVEN!

They have artists who can design your own casing in affordable price. They also have online shop where you can just send your own design and will be at your doorstep in no time.

 I love their “Instagram-inspired” photobooth! Instant family picture! I enjoyed their mini-golf too, I did not score though lols. I used to go to Flawless few years back and wasn’t able to visit them again since I got pregnant last year. Flawless is my highly recommended facial salon, great service!

I’m sure everyone in the event have tasted this “family recipe” leche fan. I love the idea of leche flan in a jar. Perfect for giveaways! And did I mention that this tastes soooo delicious?

 An “all-women” gym located at BGC Taguig. I would love to try them if time permits. I used to be a health buff before I got pregnant but thanks to breastfeeding for helping me shedding some pounds without going to the gym. They have friendly staffs too! 

 Resa and I enjoyed the hashtag props!

OUTBREAK Manila – Run For Your Life
 If you noticed few zombies roaming around the venue, they are from Outbreak Manila. I appreciate their make up, ang galing! Outbreak Manila is an upcoming fun run that adds a whole new twist to the typical 5km run. If you are a TWD fanatic and want some zombie apocalypse experience – join here because you will be running from the flesh eating zombies! 

 I’ve read about them before this event and I look forward to try them one weekend. I love the idea of scoring some good food from different restaurants with Food Panda App.

Me with Mommy Janice
Aside from interacting with the participating brands, I was able to meet my fellow mommy bloggers from Mommy Bloggers Philippines like Mommy Jen of Raisinghunter (aww sad wala tayo picture), and Mommy Janice, The Vanilla Housewife. My pleasure to meet you mommies. 🙂

And without this event, I won’t meet Resa of R’s BeautyDiary. My Blogapalooza partner.

Shout out to Justine and Ray! Cute na cute si Justine kay Cloud heheh.

I would like to thank my two boys (Daddy E and Cloud) for allowing me to join and tagging with me during this important event. Thank you Daddy for carrying Cloud (without the use of our baby carrier hehe) all throughout the event. Work out pa more Daddy E! Thank you for letting me enjoy and meeting my fellow bloggers. Thank you and I love you both!
I also want to thank the people behind this awesome event, thank you for such a wonderful “blogger’s” experience. And I hope to see you next year. 🙂
Much Love,
Mommy Mhaan
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  1. LadyAnne Louise Barrun

    I'm so jelly. I also started blogging recently. Hope to join the next event of Blogapalooza. More power to your blog :">

  2. Queen Elizabeth

    oh i was there with my team at blogapalooza! It was so much fun! 🙂

  3. Team Poreber

    I missed this event but really wanted to go. Wala kasi mapag iwanan sa mga bata. Love the booth of Chips Delight and Outbreak manila!

  4. Renz Alcantara

    Your baby boy is soooo cuteeee!!!

    I missed this event, hopefully next year.

  5. Louise Banta

    Hi! So sad I wasn't able to meet you there! Looks like your baby also enjoyed the event. Hehe. Hope to meet you in the other events.♥ Louise |

  6. Jennifer Villanueva

    it was so nice to meet you mommy mhaan.. oo nga wala tayong picture sayang! Haayst! but i hope to see you on the next events ha.. keep in touch!

  7. Rowena Wendy Lei

    I've only attended Blogapalooza once, the first one they held. I think they are more organized now.

  8. Denise Rayala

    I joined Blogapalooza 2013. It was fun but tiring so I never did it again. Hehe.

  9. Mommy Rockin' In Style

    Kami sinama namin si Cloud, ayun nag enjoy naman. Plakda siya after the event hehehe.

  10. Jhanis V.

    Mommy Mhaan, it was nice meeting you! Senxa na medjo ngarag hahaha! Did you still until the end? Nhessie and I did and had loads of fun. Mejo tired na talaga kaya I slept through my flight pauwi, from take off to landing hahahaha! See you next year!

    • Mommy Rockin' In Style

      We left around 1pm, my little boy got bored na kaya ayun nag iiyak na hehe. Nakakapagod sobra! See you next year! 🙂

  11. fashioneggpplant

    havent been to one of these in a long time, maybe its time to drop by again 🙂

  12. Tetcha

    I haven't attended any Blogapalooza events in the past. It must be fun to meet new brands and bloggers there. — Maria Teresa Figuerres

    • Mommy Rockin' In Style

      I agree. Kaya when I found out about this, I immediately sent my application hehehe.

  13. Nilyn EC Matugas

    I was there, pero for 2 hours lang. Very quick kasi iniwan ko anak ko sa MOA. hhahaha.

  14. Charleys Mommy

    It was my first time to attend Blogapalooza, and I could say I enjoy the freebies, too! 🙂 Looking forward to next year. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Mommy! 🙂


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