Miranesse Secret Weapon 24HR Eyeliner Review

Miranesse Secret Weapon 24HR Eyeliner Review

Here is an in-depth review of Miranesse Secret Weapon 24HR Eyeliner.

In this post, I am sharing you my thoughts on this liquid eyeliner from the brand Miranesse. Miranesse is an Australian brand that offers a wide variety from makeups to skincare. I got Miranesse Secret Weapon 24HR Eyeliner for Php398.50 during my Luxola haul and I’m afraid this is not available locally. You better check Luxola, you gonna love it as much as I do, and its still free shipping for every Php1300 of purchase!

Miranesse Secret Weapon 24HR Eyeliner Review

Miranesse Difference

The Holy Grail of Eyeliner formulas infused with an illuminating diamond core complex for extra glossy liner effect. A true revolutionary breakthrough, the Secret Weapon 24HR Eyeliner is an amazingly unique peel off water resistant eyeliner allows you to line your eyes to perfection, lasting for up to 24 hours.


Apply to one eye at a time. Use the tip of brush to sweep across the base of the eyelashes. Keep eyes closed & allow 30 seconds to dry. Repeat if needed. 

Miranesse Secret Weapon 24HR Eyeliner Review
Product Information
I find the packaging very elegant because of the black and gold combination.
At first, you will think it is one of the high-end brands if you based on the packaging.  

Now, let us move on to the swatch. 


Miranesse Secret Weapon 24HR Eyeliner Review

I got the shade, Glossy Black. I just started incorporating the eye-winged liner on my everyday make up so I got the basic black. The formula is very pigmented. As on the description, it is very unique as you can just peel it off once it dries which I really find amazing.

Miranesse Secret Weapon 24HR Eyeliner Review


The application was very easy because of the felt tip applicator. I must say that this is perfect for beginners like me. On the side note, the drying period (more or less 30 seconds) is a bit longer than usual liquid eyeliner. 

I have super oily lids and I am very impressed on this eyeliner because it did not smudge AT ALL!  No need for an eye primer! Thumbs up!

I bought Miranesse Secret Weapon 24HR Eyeliner few weeks back. I started using it this week and I noticed there are dried products already on the rim and on its applicator when I opened it. What can I use to dissolve those dried residue? Or do I have to take them off instead? Please help, I love this product! Everytime I use it, I just swipe the dried residue in clean tissue until I get the right product.

Parang nasasayang naman. 🙁

Miranesse Secret Weapon 24HR Eyeliner Review

And here is the product when taken off using my Bifesta Cleansing Lotion plus Giggles Wet wipes. You can also use warm water and your fingertips and the eyeliner will simply peel away. Now, you do not have any reason to get lazy in removing eyeliner ayt? Just wash and peel! 


1. Affordable
2. Very pigmented
3. Easy to apply
4. It doesn’t smudge


1. Not available in the local market
2. It has dried residues inside when not using the product

I am very happy I found this! Very pigmented and even beginners can pull some cat-eye look using this Miranesse Secret Weapon 24HR Eyeliner! You can grab yours at www.luxola.com!

What’s your favorite liquid eyeliner?
Do you also include lining your upper lash line on your everyday makeup look?
Please share them in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

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