Cute Halloween Costumes for your Babies

Few more days before Halloween, do you now have your baby’s costume for this year?
Hopefully we could participate if our schedule permits because I’m sure it will be loads of fun and memories! And honestly, haven’t been to a trick or treat party all my life.*sad face*
Anyway, I’m sharing you some cute Halloween costumes that I’ve compiled while searching the net. They are soooo cute not to share. πŸ™‚
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So what do you think? Aren’t they sooooo cute?
 Let me know your favorite Halloween costumes in the comment section below. 

Thank you so much for reading!

Much Love,

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24 Replies to “Cute Halloween Costumes for your Babies

  1. When I was still working with buycostumes, we get to order these from them at a discounted price! I ordered a bumblebee costume for my now four yr old kiddo. However, since I left buycostumes, I only get to purchase costumes from dept stores and they cost more! Boo.

  2. These are indeed cute customes for the halloween and my favorite is the lobster :)… still thinking if I will let my kids participate in mall's trick and treat activities

  3. they are just too cute! i was eyeing the Edward Scissorhands costume last year but simply find it difficult to pull off. we settled for Harry Potter instead, which, by the way, my little man plans to recycle this year.

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