Wink Belly and Hip Shaper Review

Sep 2, 2015 | Beauty & Fashion, fashion | 18 comments

People are telling me that I didn’t look like I gave birth because I didn’t gain weight that some others do. Well, you want to know my secret? Just read on. *wink*

Aside from the fact that breastfeeding helped me a lot to shed some pounds after I gave birth, this Wink Belly and Hip shaper also helped me look sexy in an instant!

I’m a CS mom and wearing binder is a must to keep the stitch in place. After my operation, I used one that was provided by the hospital (in blue and white color, can’t remember the brand) which was very uncomfortable on the Velcro part as it was scratching my skin when moving, plus the pain on your wound after your anesthesia diminished. So imagine that excruciating pain! Ughhh!

I knew about this Wink Belly and Hip Shaper thru Girltalk as I’m browsing for the best binder that definitely works and available in the local market. I decided to try this out because of the raves despite its hefty price.

Coincidental, Urban Essentials – the exclusive distributor of Wink Shaper is located near our office. So instead of purchasing it online, I was able to try them first to check my correct size before purchasing it. The owner (forgot her name though) is very accommodating in all of my queries.

Wink Belly and Hip Shaper ReviewWink Belly and Hip Shaper Review

Wink’s new Belly & Hip Shaper is longer than the average band, and extends well beyond hip level. It is secured on the bottom and the top with our customary elastic band so it will not ride up when you sit down. This length provides compression at the waist as well as the hips, thereby helping wearers compress and shrink belly and hips UP TO TWO SIZES!

We offer hook and eye closure on the side of this new band that allows for adjustment and tightening as your size goes down. This new band is not just for postpartum use. It can also be worn by anybody wanting to shape, reduce, and define her waistline. Wear it under a cocktail dress or for postpartum recovery, it’s that versatile!

As always Wink’s new band is made from our custom woven fabric, which allows for maximum compression while still retaining its softness and ability to breathe. As a result, it is strong but yet comfortable.


  • Seamless design allows band to be worn under clothing
  • 2 layers of compression material ensure high levels of compression
  • Extends above the waist and below the hips
  • 6 panels of Hook and eye closure for adjustment and tightening
  • Specially designed to fit the anatomy of a woman’s curves: top of shaper band is shorter than bottom so as to fit the smaller waistline and hips of most women
  • Custom woven fabric with top and bottom elastic band so it will not roll up or down

I was 3 months postpartum the first time I wear it and was like my inner organs were compressing and somehow I hardly breathe. I got the smallest size in color black and hooked on the last panel (feeling payat lang that moment LOLS). But after a few minutes, I feel normal again without the feeling that I am wearing a binder because it is very soft. I use it almost every day except when it is in the laundry.

After 4 months of using it, I could say that my tummy was back from my pre-pregnancy size but of course, my stretch marks are still there hehe. I think this is best to wear while working out to see better results.

1. It has a unique structure to fit the anatomy of a woman’s curves
2. Longer than a usual binder and extended up to hips
3. Has 6 panels for adjustments
4. Very soft and breathable to wear
5. The bottom part did not roll up when sitting
6. It helps to shrink my belly
7. Anyone can wear it!
8. Available locally thru Urban Essentials

1. Expensive for 2880php

This is the answer to our belly problems hehe.
For now, I have no plans to stop using this because I really love this binder. If I have an extra budget, I will by another one so I can use them alternately. 

Have you tried these Wink Belly and Hip Shaper?
Would love to hear your comments below!

Thank you for reading!

Much Love,

Mommy Mhaan



  1. The Bandwagon Chic

    I have tried waist trainer and bought it here.
    I didn't use it for a long time since it's not fit to me and i don't feel like wearing it all times.
    This one sounds interesting though a lil' pricey.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  2. TR

    i think i need this!

  3. Viva Kitchen Goddess

    You're lucky there are nice looking belly shapers now. When I gave birth via CS a long time ago, it was only the ugly blue one 🙁

  4. Melisa Sanchez

    am wearing a binder also but it made me uncomfortable, but I agree breastfeeding really helped a lot for me also because I was a CS, but I thank God mabilis naman lumiit ang tiyan ko 🙂 parang wala lang hahaha.

  5. Cym Marzan

    I wish I knew this after I gave birth. Would it still work 4 years after? Hehe!

  6. cheanne

    I haven't tried binders before though I think I need one already haha. Isn't the owner of Urban Essentials a blogger also? Kasi parang a blogger was the one who invited me to like their FB page. 🙂

  7. Louisa

    I wore a binder after I gave birth 2 my first 2 but on the 3rd I decided nah! haha This binder looks great especially since it's up to the hips.

  8. giL

    I have never worn a binder, but this looks classy, but then again, expensive. =)

  9. Marie Angeli Laxa

    My OB gave me a binder but I never wore it except for maybe 2 weeks after giving birth. I've already heard of Wink before and read rave reviews. How I wish it wasn't so expensive!

  10. MrsMartinez |

    I still use a binder up to now. It is very effective as it helps shape up my body. I am using a different brand though.


  11. Mommy Rockin' In Style

    I agree mommy, breastfeeding really helped us to shed some pounds effortlessly. 🙂

  12. Janice Lim

    I've never used a binder before. It has been four years since I last gave birth. I hope it will still work on me if I try it. Haha!

  13. Celerhina Aubrey

    Been hearing loads of positive reviews of this brand. Hay naku. Ang tigas kasi ng ulo ko noon after giving birth via CS. Sabi ng OB to use a binder always for my tummy. But I didn't listen. Now it's big. Parang buntis padin. Hay!


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