Wet n Wild CoverAll Pressed Powder and Liquid Concealer Wand Review

Since I was given a not so kutis-artista skin (I have acne-prone skin by the way), I skipped from one brand to another to find the foundation that fits my needs. Thankfully, those that I tried did not give me any break out and could use them alternately depending on my mood. My money doesn’t gone to waste lols.

I usually stick to liquid foundations so using concealer is NEW to me. Most of my foundations offers medium coverage so there is no need a separate concealer. But since I am loving makeups more and more, I guess I have to start exploring the concealing art as well. 

I got these Wet n Wild babies from my Luxola haul and to tell you honestly, my expectations wasn’t that high thinking these are just usual concealer and pressed foundation same like other drugstore brands. But these proved me wrong. 

The pressed powder comes with small sponge applicator which I find difficult to use so better use your own foundation brush.  Despite of its cheap price, it has a pretty descent packaging but this doesn’t come with a mirror. 

Its my first time to buy face products via online so choosing the right shades is gamble to me. What if its too light nor too dark for me?? Luckily, I got the correct shade! Yehey! I got E812A Light for the concealer and E822B Fair/Light for the pressed powder.  

My bare face in the left photo, kindly excuse my skin imperfections – big open pores, discolorations and acne marks. Nyay! The right photo  is with concealer and face powder on my face. The concealer has a pretty descent coverage and I know I can do better than this – more blending skills perhaps. I used my ring finger to blend. What do you use in blending a concealer? Your finger, concealer brush or a sponge? This concealer has a matte finished by the way!

The pressed powder claims to be radiant and has a weightless finish which is definitely true. I’ve been using this concealer + pressed powder for a week now and I’m loving the results. Since I use the concealer to hide my blemishes and set it with just the pressed powder, I started to oil up after 8 hours! However, my big pores did not really cover really well and my dry patches around my lips are peeking through which is still fine with me. I love the light feeling on the skin! Glad my skin can still breathe on top of my make up.  

Pros: (for both)
1. Cheap
2. Has a good coverage
3. Matte finished
4. Easy to apply
5. I started to oil up after 8 hours of application
6. No break outs

Cons: Wet n Wild CoverAll Pressed Powder
1. Packaging does not come with a mirror
2. Small sponge applicator
3. A bit powdery
4. Not suitable for dry skin

Cons: Wet n Wild CoverAll Liquid Concealer Wand
1. Does not conceal big open pores 
2. Accentuate dry areas

All in all, these are great buys! For its affordable price and gives you good coverage, this is definitely a must have on your make up kit!

What is your favorite go-to foundation routine? 
Do share them in the comment section below. 

Thank you for reading! 

Much Love,

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