UPDATE: M. Chue Tofu Pore Facial Wash Review

Before, I don’t care with my big pores because I always top it of with my liquid foundation. But recently I realized that I have to do something to reduce it rather than hiding it under my make up.  I tried different primers but I’m not satisfied with the result I am getting. So I have to get back from where it is started, my BIG PORES.
I don’t usually experiment such skincare products especially those newly-heard brands to me because I have a sensitive skin and I do not want to risk the current state of it. However, this M. Chue Tofu Pore Facial Wash has made me want to try it because of the raves I’ve seen circulating in Instagram. I want to use it mainly on my nose area as it claims to remove your blackheads and reduce your pores after using it.


M. Chue Tofu Pore Facial Wash is made from Thailand. It is enclosed in a small cute bottle and contains 30g of product. It has a small hole opening that dispenses small amount which is enough for my nose area.  I bought these together with my Monomola Wow Long Lasting Lip Color from @flawlessbeautyforless  via Shopee.
The facial wash has a mayonnaise-like consistency  with micro scrubs yet gentle on skin. It has a very nice scent, I do not know if that’s the tofu but the smell really looks familiar to me, hmmm smells chicco I guess??
After my first wash, I noticed a small red bump on the bridge of my nose. But I still continue using it maybe because my skin is adjusting with the product. Good thing, the red bump gone after few days. Hurray! 
1. Cheap – bought these for 100php
2. Travel friendly
3. Gentle on skin
4. It smells nice
1. Available only in online stores (Instagram, Shopee, Facebook)
I will make a full review on this product after I finished the whole bottle. So watch out if this product help me to reduce my big pores and minimize my blackheads. 🙂
After using it twice a day (morning and evening), I finished the whole bottle in 3 weeks.
I do not see much of a difference on the above photos, however, my whiteheads now can be easily removed. Other than that, it did nothing on my big pores. 
Have you tried any Thailand-made skin care products?
What brand is that and did you like it? 
Please share your experience in the comment box below.
Thank you for reading beauties!
Much Love,
Mommy Mhaan

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