Since I’m in love head over heels with long lasting lip products, I was intrigued by these lip tattoo.

Yes, you heard it right, a lip TATTOO but painless! 🙂 I seriously hate reapplying my lipstick every after a meal, so this lip tattoo is a savior!
Purchased these for 100php each (sale price) from @flawlessbeautyforless thru Shopee. I think I got the best deal so far as I see prices range from 150php to 300php depending on the seller. However, I read that this Monomola has a fake one too which I can’t define because their prices here in the Philippines are so close to each other. I hope I didn’t get the fakes one though.

The basic of this lip tattoo; you put a generous amount on your lips, let it dry and peel it off.

It will leave a stain and the color will look natural on your lips. 
Monomola is made from Korea by the way. The box is obviously in Korean but it clearly stated the lifespan of the product which is 6 months. The manufacturing and expiry date are located at the bottom part of the box. 

The lip product is in “sticky” gel form and enclosed in a tube container same like a lipgloss. Once you press the tube, the product comes out in the small opening which I am not fond of because I find it difficult if I want to be precise during the application.

Freshly applied from left to right – Cherry Red, Lovely Peach, Sexy Red

I love how opaque those red shades are.

Cherry red is a deep red shade with blue undertone while sexy red is a red-orangey color with yellow undertone. 

This is me with the Sexy Red. It has a nice color pay off but I don’t like the texture on my lips. Every time I closed my mouth, the product sticks together so I have to stay my lips apart for more than 20 minutes. Nakakangalay ha. 
What a bloody lips! Hehehe. Actually this will happen once the product is “almost” completely dried out. The longer you wait, the more vibrant stain will stay.
Tadaaaan! After cleaning them out the stain looks pretty natural on my lips. Though there are some product sets on my lip lines so you better moisturize your lips first before applying it. It took me 5 minutes to clean out the product plus the 20 minutes drying period so if you are in a hurry this product is not for you. Otherwise, you can leave your house with a glue-like formula on your lips 🙂
What I like Monomola Lip Tattoo:
1. Affordable
2. Cute packaging
3. It has a fruity smell
4. Has a nice color pay off
5. The stain looks natural on lips
6. The stain lasted for 4 to 5 hours without eating
7. Available online – Shopee, Instagram, Facebook
What I don’t like
1. Sticky on the lips
2. Takes time to dry out
3. Takes time to take off the residue
4. Not available in the local market
It is a good product and definitely works. I just hope that my lips won’t get develop any allergies because of their formulation lols.
Have you tried any Monomola products?
You may list down in the comment section below. 
Thank you for reading beauties!
Much Love,

Mommy Mhaan

23 Replies to “Monomola WOW Long Lasting Lip Color in Cherry Red, Sexy Red and Lovely Peach Review

  1. May ganyan ako haha iba brand it's interesting but too time consuming for me (application part). I'm good with re-applying naman e 🙂 😛

  2. First look, the packaging already had me drooling over! Cherry Red looks so pretty on you ~ I haven't try or heard of this brand before, but I did tried a similar product and I found that the application was very messy, but the result was so amazing!


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