WHAT’S IN: My First SHOPEE Experience

This all started when I was eyeing on Baby Einstein Infant Video line in Instagram @ohbabyph. Lemming to buy this for a long time not until I saw her post that she has discounted items including the Baby Einstein via Shopee.

Shopee is a marketplace app for you to shop and sell on-the-go with peace of mind. Shopee Guarantee ensures that your money will only be passed to the seller after you receive your product. Selling stuff on Shopee is as simple as 1, 2, 3 – you just need to:
1) Snap a photo
2) Describe your product
3) Post and sell


My First SHOPEE Shopping Experience
I immediately downloaded the Shopee App on my phone and register as a member. Since I knew @ohbabyph as a good seller, I did not hesitate to purchase the Baby Einstein in the discounted price – 885php SF included. As far as I remember the original cost of this was 980php plus SF. So I saved for about 145php. 
After this transaction, I received a message that I was given a 150php OFF (min of 300php) for my next transaction. And before I knew it, I purchased 2 Wet and Wild Megalast Lipsticks lols.

Here is how my transaction was done:

After I clicked BUY, I filled up an order form with my delivery details and you have to choose the payment method you will use. From there I chose the online transfer and once payment has been done you will upload a copy of confirmation or deposit slip for their reference. Note: You will transfer the payment to Shopee’s bank details not directly to the seller. 
I did the online transfer right away but of course, you have the option to do it later, took a snapshot of my confirmation and upload it to Shopee.
What I like about it is that you can track your purchase, from payment to delivery. After I upload my payment confirmation it was put to UNPAID – that Shopee will confirm the payment I made within 2-3 banking days. I purchased last Saturday and they confirmed on Tuesday.
Once payment has been verified, Shopee will instruct the seller to ship the items within a given time. In my case, the seller has until Aug 20 to ship it and its very long time. But the day after, I received a notification that the seller already shipped my items, yehey!
After 2 days, the items arrived. Happy mommy here lols.
My First SHOPEE Shopping Experience
Once you received the items, click Orders Received and you will be directed to rate the seller from Good, Normal, and Sad Face. Of course, I rate them Good because I am satisfied with their service.
End of transaction.

What do I like about Shopee?

1. Selling items are categorized for easy viewing
2. Who wouldn’t love promo codes and discounted items?
3. Free shipping for some items
4. You can track your purchase from payment to delivery.
5. You can rate the seller.
6. Payment method is very convenient for those who have online access on their bank accounts.
7. Shopee Guarantee ensures that your money will only be passed to the seller after you receive your product.

What I do not like?

1. Payment confirmation takes time for 2-3 banking days. If you are willing to wait, then this is not a problem.
Will I purchase from Shopee again? Hell yeah!
Have you tried Shopee to?? What’s your experience? 
Share them below! 🙂
Much Love,
Mommy Mhaan

4 Replies to “WHAT’S IN: My First SHOPEE Experience

  1. I also downloaded Shopee! It's very convenient I agree! Pero dami ko nakikitang fake makeup :/ Haha. I haven't bought anything yet pwede ba paypal dito?

  2. Bank transfer palang ang meron sila sis and special arrangement between seller and buyer. But Shopee encouraged to use bank transfer para magamit yung mga promo and discount codes. Sana nga magkaroon sila ng paypal 🙂

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