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The Art of Babywearing – Attachment Parenting


Babywearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or in another form of carrier.

Babywearing has been practiced for centuries around the world. In the industrialized world, babywearing has gained popularity in recent decades. Part of the reason for this shift is due to the influence of advocates of attachment parenting. Babywearing is a form of baby transport which can be enjoyed for as long as mutually desired, often until toddlerhood and beyond .[1]As with any acquired skill, babywearing can take some practice in the early days, but the benefits are soon, if not immediately recognized, and it is seen by many proponents as an enjoyable and practical art.-Wikipedia

It was really a life-changing when I became a parent, no more “gala” after work and all I want is to get home to be with my son as fast as I can.

Few days after I gave birth, I have realized how difficult it was to be a mother. The sleepless nights since I was a sleepy head before, the after-pain during my CS operation and the nipple pain since I breastfeed my little one. However, these obstacles have vanished every time I see my lo smile at me especially during a nursing time as I know I satisfied my son’s need. Yes, I’m proud of that and I know all mothers do.
Every day is a challenge for a first-time mom like and every day is a learning process on how to become a mom. Since I am not used to carrying a newborn baby even to my niece as I may break his bones when I carry him, carrying my lo is the first challenge I have to achieve. The good thing was lo weighs 9lbs at birth, yes you read it right, like a one-month-old baby hihihih, I don’t have to be extra (well I should because he’s still a newborn heheh) to carry him. And as days go by, his weight increases like 9.5kgs as of his 6 months mark.

And as his weight increases, he became fussier and I have to carry him all the time to sooth and make him calm. 

I bumped to this Facebook group named Babywearing Philippines same time I joined Breastfeeding Pinays. As these two may go hand in hand. I learned a lot from this group in related to babywearing from types of carrier, benefits and dos and don’t’s. I was a lurker then until I bought my first carrier – the mei tai carrier (Picolo brand). Bought my mei tai for 650php (from 1,300php) during sale in SM North EDSA. What a steal!

I used it only a few times during monthly check-up and after few months, lo was already overweight in that carrier hehehe.

From mei tai type of carrier, I switched to SSC – Soft Structured Carrier as I find it easier to wear. Just snap, adjust and go! I bought Ergo Night Sky also in SM North Edsa for Php6000+. A bit pricey but it was worth every cent. I will make a separate review on my Ergo and my upcoming Tula in Dino (weee I’m so excited hehehe) for my future posts. 
Picolo Mei Tai Carrier
Ergo Night Sky
Tula Standard Carrier – Dino
Helpful links about babywearing:
Much Love, 
Mommy Mhaan

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