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PALMOLIVE Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner

PALMOLIVE Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner
Palmolive Natural Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo 180ml 96.50php / Conditioner 180ml 95.20php

Here is an in-depth review on PALMOLIVE Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner.

If you know me personally, I am blessed with a naturally straight thick hair. Once I a while, I trim my hair a few inches to avoid split ends and hair fall is very common to me. It got worse 6 months postpartum since I achieved midback length hair and combing is the least I can do when I get home – immediately after a bath, I do messy bun and off to mommy duties, I decided to cut them in half. The hairdresser asked me why I would like to cut my hair and I said it is because of hair fall and he said “Sa lagay na yan may hairfall ka pa maam.?”
So imagine how thick my hair diba lols. I’m also thankful that my hair doesn’t need a frequent visit to salons, if my hair looks dull, I’ll just use deep treatment products and let it stay for a couple of hours and wash it off.

Choosing hair products is not a difficult task for me. Another thing to be thankful for. I can jump to one brand to another without damaging on my hair. The reason why sometimes I stick to a specific brand is because of the smell that leaves on my hair after wash plus its lasting power.
Palmolive just released their new Natural Anti-Hair Fall line which is perfect timing for my hair fall dilemma. Thanks to Sampleroom for this chance of trying them out.
Back info

Anti-Hair Fall 2-Step System

Step 1: Gently cleanse hair with Palmolive Naturals Shampoo
Step 2: Nourish hair with Palmolive Naturals Conditioner for less hair fall due to breakage. 

I must admit that this is the best-smelling shampoo I have tried. The smell brings back my consciousness from dreamland when I take a bath every morning. Another plus is the smell stays on my hair the whole day. 

Their formulations are not different from other local brand hair system products. However, I was kinda bitin on the creaminess (i don’t know the correct term hehe) of the conditioner if you compare it to Cream silk or Pantene conditioners.


After a week of using it, I noticed that my hair strands became “stronger” as it claimed. Thus, less hair fall. Downside is, my hair tends to get oily and feeling heavy even I blow dry. The feeling is like I did not wash my hair in two days with oily stuff on my hair. Parang ganun. I tried to use the shampoo alone but still I got the same result.

1. Smells soooo good
2. Nice packaging
3. Makes your hair strands stronger as it claimed
4. Available in leading supermarkets 
5. Affordable

1. Makes my hair strands oily

Will I repurchase it? Hmmm no. 

Have you tried these PALMOLIVE Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner?

Did you like it? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Much Love,

Mommy Mhaan

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