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Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash Review

Here is an in-depth review of Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash.

When I got pregnant, I started to become conscious of the products I apply to my skin. They say that I should be careful in using products as it may affect my pregnancy. There are few skincare products in the market that has chemical ingredients that may affect pregnancy and may lead to birth defects. That’s when I started assessing my current skincare and makeup and threw all those with harmful ingredients. 

I knew about Human Heart Nature since it was established but never had the chance to try them not until I got pregnant. Human Heart Nature is 100% natural and biodegradable which is definitely safe for a pregnant woman like me. Since I stopped using my current facial wash and I opted to try their HHN Balancing Facial Wash. 

Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash Review

Where I bought it: Shopwise

Price: 79.75php/ 50ml; 199.75php/100ml
Other locations: Other leading supermarket and department stores
Please visit Human Heart Nature official website for more info

The facial wash has a clear formula with green particles in it which I think is the Manila Elemi. I love the mild citrus scent as it smells so refreshing. The downside is, it was a bit rough upon rubbing it on my face but foamy. Tip: Do a gentle rub as it may aggravate your blemishes. As if the manila elemi can cut your skin hehe. 


Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash Review
98.5% Natural | Oil control for oily or combination skin | Hypoallergenic


Some things may look better shiny, but never your face! Finally flaunt shine-free skin with the oil control formulation of Balancing Facial Wash with manila elemi. Its natural formula strikes the perfect balance between effectively eliminating excess oils and naturally moisturizing the skin.

Now, you don’t have to reach out for a blotting paper ’round the clock. Say goodbye to oily woes and worries! – HHN

My skin feels clean, fresh and soft (and NO stingy sensation too!) after the wash and no tight feeling knowing its eliminates excess oil. I was oil-free for a couple of hours and did not break me out while using this product.


1. 98.5% Natural and Hypoallergenic
2. Affordable
3. It doesn’t sting and no tight feeling after wash
4. It does keep oil at bay for a couple of hours
5. It doesn’t break me out
6. Available in the local supermarket and to HHN Website


1. A bit rough on the face so you must be gentle when rubbing it on the skin

I am now on my second bottle and once I’m done with it I will try the Acne Defense Facial Wash. 

So what’s your favorite product from Human Heart Nature? 
Would love to hear it in the comment section below. 

Much Love,

Mommy Mhaan

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  1. Minsan naiisip ko nga baka may sugat sugat na face ko pagkahilamos lols. I'm just finishing my bottle and will switch to Acne Defense. Mas okay daw siya compare sa Balancing Facial wash.

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