Fluff by SumWear Co – Brush Set, Egg Brush Cleaner, Brush Bathe

Even before I got pregnant, I do not spend most of my income on makeup or skincare.  But rather spend it during my hikes and travel. I do have makeup kit but it is the same I use at home too, sounds like I’m matipid but I’m not lols. In conclusion, I do not have huge collection of makeup and same goes with the makeup brushes.

My first makeup brush is the Elf FlatTop Brush and I use it mainly for applying liquid foundation and powder. I know it sounds gross but I find it convenient to bring just one brush in my makeup bag. And since I like this brush, I bought another one for alternative use. These two has been my companion for years now, three years to be exact. Since they have been used for a long time, they become flimsy and started to shed after numerous wash. 

Then these cute babies came.

Fluff by SumWear Co - Starter Kit, Egg Brush Cleaner, Brush Bathe

Fluff The Basic Set (350Php) – it is a brush set consists of Flat Top Foundation Brush, Multi-Use Powder Brush, Brow & Lash Spooley, Double-Ended Eye Brush

Our brush set is the most BASIC and the most NEEDED brushes you will be grabbing everyday when you do your makeup. It is inspired by the top makeup brushes around the world. Compiled and combined to one amazing set!
It’s in the signature SumWear Co. color too! Hot Pink handles with matching Hot Pink Brush tips!

Made with high quality wooden handles, black shiny ferrules and High Quality Synthetic Hairs.
There really is nothing to not love in this brush set! 

Fluff by SumWear Co - Starter Kit, Egg Brush Cleaner, Brush Bathe
Fluff by SumWear Co - Starter Kit, Egg Brush Cleaner, Brush Bathe

I was astonished how soft their bristles are and their color is so girly Hot Pink! Also, it doesn’t shed after its first wash. (I will update this post once I see some signs of shedding) I find it easy to use particularly the multi-purpose foundation and doesn’t irritate my acne-prone skin too. Fluff has shorter bristles than Elf Flat Top Brush and I much prefer it that way.

Fluff by SumWear Co - Starter Kit, Egg Brush Cleaner, Brush Bathe


Fluff Egg Brush Cleaner (90php)

Clean your brush anywhere you go with this super portable and cute brush and sponge cleaner! Bring it with you on travels or vacations!
Plus it comes in darling pastel colors: Pink, Purple & Turquiose!

This is so cute! At first, I enjoyed using this but suddenly my fingers got tired / “ngalay” so I just hold it like a phone instead of inserting my two fingers inside. Due to its size, you can only clean smaller brushes to maximize the cleanliness. For bigger brushes, I recommend Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove!

Fluff by SumWear Co - Starter Kit, Egg Brush Cleaner, Brush Bathe

Fluff Brush Bathe (100php)

Cleans and protects your makeup brushes from bacteria, dirt, oil, and makeup residue that builds up overtime. Because having a dirty brush can cause lots of skin problems, specially acne. We should regularly clean our brushes!
Plus, if you regularly give your brushes a bathe it helps prolong the life of your precious brushes and makes it perform the best it can!

-comes in a hygienic and efficient pump bottle 
-hypoallergenic formula
-wont cause your brushes to shed

3-5 pumps of brush bathe

It took me 3 washes before I get satisfied with the wash for my ELF brushes. I consumed 3-5 pumps every wash because it’s not that foamy. Quite consuming so I’d better go back to my old brush cleaner (when I finish this one) which is the Johnson’s Baby Bath.  And it’s cheaper too.

What I don’t really like is the label on the bottle gets sticky and the prints were thoroughly erased when I touched them with my wet hands. See photo below. Maybe I will just remove the label on my next use.

Nakakainis diba?

Overall, these are amazing products. Also note, I only spent for a total of 600php including shipping fee. Best gifts for your girlfriends right? Hurry! Grab yours now at http://sumwearco.com/ because the SALE is still on until supplies last.

Much Love,

Mommy Mhaan

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