Buffet 101 International Cuisine Experience – Eastwood Libis

Eat-all-you-can buffet-style restaurants sprang out one by one anywhere in the metro, and most of them could be found in malls – a smart marketing strategy indeed. These restaurants offer Chinese, Italian, Filipino and a lot more; from side dish to fruits as desserts. Ahhh it’s a food haven! *drools*

If you are a type of person who eats almost everything, then this is for you dear.

But of course, you can still try this even if you have allergies and other food issues; you just have to be careful about choosing what to eat. EVERBODY IS WELCOME!

Buffet 101 is one of those eat-all-you-can buffet styles that caters a wide variety of foods. But if you will ask me I’d still go to Vikings as it has a wid-ER variety of foods. If I scale Buffet 101 overall from 1 to 5; 5 being the highest I will rate them as 3. And if I will ask who to choose between Yakimix and Vikings, still Vikings but it’s a different story hehehe. Cost wise they have the same price from 600php to 1000php.

Buffet 101 International Cuisine Experience - Eastwood Libis
Promotions and Rates


Buffet 101 International Cuisine Experience - Eastwood Libis
Loving the elegant mini chandelier

They have ample space for their guests when choosing their food. 

Desserts and Drinks Area

What I like about Buffet 101, their fresh cut fruits were kept inside a refrigerator. You just ask the attendant what fruits you would like then he will prepare it for you.

My first round of food. Pork belly, corn, tempura and different types of maki. Isn’t obvious that I so loooove maki? I was deprived to eat maki during my pregnancy as raw foods may affects your pregnancy. Kahit isa wala! So after I gave birth, ayan maki all the way lols.

My second round of food. A slice of pizza and seafood chowder with pastry. I super love the seafood chowder, super delicious. 

Fruit platter

I know, every one of you thinks “ay desserts agad?”. Well, I’m already full by that time, imagine 6 to 8 pcs of maki, how many carbos was that hehe.

Ice creams and candies

And last but not least, I won’t leave this gastronomical experience without the taste of my top comfort food. ICE CREAAAAMM!

What do I like about Buffet 101?

1. Elegant interior design
2. Love how the place was planned where food is located
3. Nice food choices
4. Delicious foods
5. Fruits kept inside the refrigerator
6. Good customer service

What I do not like?
1. Few choices compare to other eat-all-you-can buffet style 

Will I go back again? Yes why not! 

How about you beauties, have you tried Buffet 101? 
Did you enjoy your food?

Much Love, 

Mommy Mhaan

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