My Breastfeeding Journey – Part 2

For less than a month before I go back to work, I was able to complete things I will need for my breastfeeding journey.

I heard raves about Babymama PH for its breastfeeding products thru Girltalk and Facebook so I gave it a try. The good thing in Babymama, you could try the unit first before purchase plus you would know which size fits for you especially for the flange size. So together with my MIL, we went to Babymama’s office to buy my first breast pump. We chose Spectra 9+ over Spectra M1 for its sleek design, who would want to bring big and heavy machine everywhere you go right? And obviously, Spectra 9+ is their latest model. I will make a separate blog on this one. We bought it for 9,000php and it came with two feeding bottles. We also bought the Spectra breastmilk storage bags for 280php (30pcs/box). 

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When you are not with your baby, the most important thing is your cooler bag where you can put your expressed milk before you get home.

I bought mine at Babymama as well. I love this PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag (1,650php) as you can put this inside the freezer, an instant cooler! But after a few months of using it, its Velcro strap was not holding up anymore so I bought a new lunch bag. Thanks to my fellow mom from BFP, I found the Wildkin Double Decker Lunch Bag (1,400php). I bought mine at Wildkins Philippines in Facebook. 

I find this Double Decker Lunch Bag very convenient as I can put EVERYTHING inside of it. It looks like a DSLR camera bag so I am extra careful when I am in the crowd. These are more precious than a DSLR huh hehehe.    


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How I store my milk:

During my first few weeks using the breast pump, I used storage bags and keep them in the freezer. I usually bring home 20-24oz of milk from 7 am to 6 pm shift. 

Breast milk lifespan as follows:

1. Frozen breast milk (separate freezer / 2-door refrigerator) – 6 to 12 months

2. Frozen breast milk (single-door refrigerator) – 3 months

3. Fresh breast milk that is kept in the refrigerator – 6 to 8 days

4. Room temperature fresh breast milk – 4 to 6 hours

5. Fresh breast milk inside the cooler bag – 24 hours 

But recently, I resorted using reusable cups from Avent as I find it cheaper than using storage bags if my expressed milk on that day will consume the next day, and healthier too! They say some nutrients have died during freezing, but of course, breast milk is healthier than formula milk diba? Good thing, these Avent cups have an adapter to fit with my Spectra flanges. How convenient is that? 

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I still have  20 bags for my stash but I will donate the half of it to PGH Nicu Babies soon.

This is my second time to donate and will look forward to donate more.

My BREAST Friends 🙂



I also use Gel Ice Pack (from Babymama too) and Bloom Breastfeeding cover.

I use these babies everytime I am at work and we are unli latch when Cloud and I are together. . 

Much Love,

Mommy Mhaan

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