My Breastfeeding Journey – Part 1

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I exclusively breastfeed my son for 6 months now and I always thank God for giving me an abundant milk supply. Sabi nga nila, wala yan sa liit o laki ng boobs hehehe. I plan to breastfeed my son as long as he wants because mother’s milk is the best for your baby.

I love reading other’s breastfeeding journey so I want to share mine hihihi.

Even before I was pregnant, I am already decided to breastfeed my lo (little one). Sabi ko by hook or by crook breastfeed si Cloud. And God permitted me, Yehey! I have few friends who weren’t able to breastfeed their lo because they have no milk even right after they gave birth (as people know) so they resorted to formula milk. Some say it is normal naman just keep your baby sucks your nipple to stimulate the milk from your breast. Before I gave birth, I am already a member of Breastfeeding Pinays on Facebook. I find this group very helpful especially for a first-time mom like me who knows nothing about breastfeeding. I was a lurker in the group, reading pinned posts, posts and comments and so after I gave birth I knew what to do and let Cloud suck my nipples big-time hehehe.

On his first few days after he came out, my nipples teared up and it was painful that I hardly endured. I never thought I could overpass this kasi that time, I was contemplating to use a breast pump as early as 2 weeks of bf. Good thing with my perseverance (and no medication AT ALL), I was able to survive the painful stage and after few days, my nipple healed and got numbed na during his sucking. Whew, alas!

As others say, you do the unli latching for the first six weeks to establish your milk supply before you use a breastpump. Earlier than that may cause over supply and worst, mastitis. In my case, I have 78 days of ML (CS mommy here), so I start building my stash on my 8th week pa. Luckily enough, I was able to build my stash in 2 weeks before I go back to work.

So to those mothers-to-be who wants to know more about on Breastfeeding, feel free to join BFP in Facebook. Everything you must now is in there. 🙂

Next on my blog: How I build my stash 🙂

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Mommy Mhaan

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