Learn and Have Fun with Numbers with Marbotic Smart Numbers [with Demo]

But because kids love tablets, Marbotic came up with Smart Numbers where kids can learn numbers and have fun at the same time!

Nowadays, most parents rely on smartphones or tablets to keep their kids entertained. Studies show that using electronic gadgets help to stimulate the senses and imagination, promotes listening ability, learning sounds and speech. However, experts advise that parents should limit kids’ screen time to two hours a day because long exposure may harm your child in the future.
Smart Numbers is the ultimate beginner’s math experience for kids, combining the best of traditional toys with touchscreen technology. These 10 beautifully crafted, Montessori-inspired wooden digits interact with iPad tablets and 3 free educational apps to help children learn to count and calculate. Designed by teaching experts, Smart Numbers brings the best of physical and digital play together to stimulate creativity and imagination. Simply stamp the wooden numbers on the tablet’s screen, and experience the future of learning by problem solving, counting, and basic math! Source
Marbotic Smart Numbers (kidoozi.com)


10 Fingers


10 fingers is an educational app created to help children learn to count up to 10, using their ten fingers. Three activities are proposed: discovery of objects collections, discovery of digits and discovery of addition.

Up to 100

Up to 100 helps to identify numbers up to 100. The child learns to identify, write and pronounce every number. Pearls allow visualizing the quantities. 

More or Less

With More or Less, children explore the concepts of addition and subtraction. Small beads are included in every activity to represent quantities. Kids can manipulate them by themselves to understand addition and subtraction.

What I like about Marbotic Smart Numbers:
1. The wooden numbers are safe for kids, no sharp edges, and lightweight.
2. Very durable and can last for a very very long time. 
3. No loose parts. 
4. Wooden numbers are gentle to the screen.
5. Comes with 3 free Educational Apps available in App Store and Google Play- 10 fingers, Up to 100 and More or Less
6. The 3 Free Apps comes with super cute and fun graphics and sound effects. I love the clean white background too.
7. Each activity comes with 3 levels of difficulty (for Up to 100 and More or Less)
8. No Wi-Fi and No Bluetooth needed. Very easy to install.
9. Seven activities to choose from, from counting numbers to addition and subtraction.

What I don’t like:

Can’t think of any, lols. Definitely a great investment for our kids.

Marbotic Smart Numbers retails for P2,995 and available at www.kidoozi.com.


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8 Replies to “Learn and Have Fun with Numbers with Marbotic Smart Numbers [with Demo]”

  1. Very interesting

    lu | Coco&Louis

  2. There are so many educational apps now. I used to download too when my son was in preschool years but I stopped because I limit his iPad use. Montessori-inspired nga ito, my son used wooden materials in his former school kasi.

  3. A nice way to teach kids numbers and more. I like the fact that the manufActurer was able to combine those wooden numbers and tablet in one game or activity. It stimulates the kids thinking and there's also interaction between the kid and the activity.

  4. We were able to review this also last year. Until now my son likes to play with it. This product makes it more fun to practice his math lessons. 🙂

  5. This is awesome! My son loved watching the demo videos kasi he loves numbers. I definitely attribute his love for numbers and letters to letting him watch nursery rhymes. But of course, like you, I also limit it kasi I don't want him being overstimulated. I think it's ok lang naman as long as hindi sobra and hindi nacocompromise ang communication within the family. Mahirap rin naman na late sila eh sobrang advanced na ng technology. Good thing, these kind of educational toys like marbotic smart numbers already exist in the market.

  6. GREAT post, love the idea of physical + digital math learning.

  7. I'm amazed at the kind of toys they produce nowadays! This one I think is very beneficial to little kids. Had my son been a little younger, I will surely look into this.

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