My Stress-Free Shopping Experience at Mothering Earthlings + Haul

Wow! It is 81 days to go before Christmas! Would you believe that? And since Christmas carolings started to serenade us wherever we go, it officially means Christmas shopping! Wohooo! As early as now, we have made the list for our loved ones and looking at it makes me wonder, how many mall visits should we need to complete them hahaha. Christmas Day is the happiest time of the year but let us face it, it can also be very stressful. Especially during mid-November to December, malls are jam-packed with shoppers, the long queue going to cashiers, and who would ever escape the dreaded traffic. Ugh. My body can’t stand to this chaos. And to avoid these, it is either I shop ahead of time or to shop online. Convenience, convenience. 

Mothering Earthlings Homepage

We have kids in the family age from 0-6 years old and I found a perfect place to shop for Christmas! Mothering Earthlings is an online shop proudly brings together Filipino design and brands, and makes them available to the world so Earthlings across the planet can begin to appreciate  our style and the cool, contemporary way we do things. Their current line is curated for 0 to 6 years old for over 30 brands and still growing. Of course, Mothering Earthling has something for mommies too! They offer everything from kids clothes to diaper bags to baby carriers to nursing wear to toys. They are also always on the lookout to find more mompreneurs (and dadpreneurs) that want to be part of Mothering Earthlings community. They are consistently looking for products conceived with love and made with a skilled hand. 

Here are 5 things I love about Mothering Earthlings
(1) The website is clean, easy to navigate and user-friendly. Displays cute photos too!

(2) Categories are well-organized and complete product description.

(3) Has a wide variety of proudly Filipino-made products and some of them are on SALE now! Go check them out here

(4) Flexible payment options – credit card, bank deposit, G-cash or pick-up

(5) Sending you updates regarding your order / shipment.

And tadaaaan! My loot from Mothering Earthlings! I was able to receive them in a span of 2 days! Cheers to the hassle-free transaction! Now, let me show you what I got. 

Earthling T-Shirt 350php
We Come In Style T-Shirt, 350php

Both are made with soft cotton fabric which is very comfortable to wear by kids. 

Geometric Teething Necklace, 600php
Perfect for teething babies and great accessories too!

Aliens Tic-Tac-Toe, 400php
Tic-Tac-Toe is one of the all-time favorites that surely kids would love. This time, play it with these quirky alien creatures for more fun!  
Divine Intervention All-In-One Spray, 189php
A multi-purpose spray! From mild cologne, hand sanitizer, room freshener, linen spray, yoga mat spray. You name it!

Nursing Infinity Scarf, 400php
This is where breastfeeding meets fashion! It can be used as a scarf, breastfeeding cover and as a cover-up. Definitely a must-have for breastfeeding mother like me. 

I would like to thank Ms. Rone, the Chief Operating Momma of Mothering Earthlings for giving this opportunity to experience how fun and stress-free to shop on their website. I really enjoyed it! I also encourage you to visit, there’s a lot of fun and cute stuff awaits! And most importantly, let’s support our own proudly Pinoy products! Love our OWN! 

Check their Christmas collection —> here
Check their entire collection —->

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Instagram: @wecomeinstyle

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22 Replies to “My Stress-Free Shopping Experience at Mothering Earthlings + Haul”

  1. I had no idea this was a thing, you can pretty much buy anything online now! I'll check this out

  2. Thank you for this tip! Online shopping is so great.

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  4. Such a fun post! Thank you for sharing

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  8. really is this a Filipino brand? wow, I will check their site and see what I can get. We have a little baby girl in the house 🙂

  9. You can never have too many reputable sites with good reviews, products and customer service.

  10. Christmass Shopping time was one of my favorite part of the year

  11. I like that teething necklace, reminds me so much when my son is so little. Online shopping is so convenient!

  12. ooo I'm loving that scarf. Prices don't seem bad either. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I need to be able to shop with ease myself since the holidays are approaching so fast. I love the colors in the t-shirt. Thanks for the tips!

  14. This sounds like aa great site to shop on!! I love shopping online from home, so much easier then the stores!!

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  20. I am loving these products. The fact that they also have flexible ways to pay is definitely a bonus!

  21. Christmas shopping was so fun and I am so excited

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