START: 2016 iACADEMY Exhibit, March 5-6, 2016

Hello dearies! It has been weeks since my last post! I’ve been busy with my makeup school (will make a separate post for it) and got really no time to update. I miss blogging and it feels like I am MIA (missing in action) for a long time lols. 

Anyway last March 5, I was invited to witness the unveiling of an art exhibit entitled START – Social Transformation through Art hosted by iACADEMY. iACADEMY is an institution that is commited to produce future leaders and trailblazers by providing a training ground for the enhancement of their talents and to inspire its students to pursue their dream and passion and to serve mankind by developing real-world solutions to address global issues. iACADEMY offers first-class Design, Computing and Business programs, specifically designed towards proficiency and work excellence. 

For this year’s art exhibit, iACADEMY challenged their talented students to be a catalysts of change by creating artwork that would raise awareness regarding current issues such as poverty, tax reform, healthcare, environment, transportation and infrastructure. The exhibit is composed of digital paintings, vector illustrations, 3D renderings and photo manipulations with social relevance. Artworks were displayed in pile of blocks that symbolizes building the nation for a better change. 

Before the unveiling, Juilian Bautista was awarded the most outstanding artwork entitled “Taxes”. Juilian is a third year BS Animation student hoping that people will realize and see what is like for a Filipino who are experiencing the bad side of things.  Through his work he wants people to feel the need of change against all kinds of abuse. Follow his artworks at or at

“Taxes” by Juilian Bautista 

Juilian with  his parents and iACADEMY’s Board of Governors

Sharing my favorites from the exhibit. 

“Change the Fallen Future: by Betina Mascenon

Betina is a freshman taking up BA Multimedia Arts and Design and also illustrates for Candy Magazine from time to time. Her work “Change the Fallen Future” tackles the future that not only the Philippines faces, but also the world, if air pollution is not addressed.

“Sea of Filth” by Anne Garcia

Anne who is also freshman taking up BS Animation which her art style is heavily influenced by Eastern Asian style known as anime. “Sea of Filth” tackles the issues of health care and consequences of too much unattended waste. See her artworks at or at

“The Empty Bowl” by Hazel Key de Dios”

 is all about poverty and food shortage amongst children. Follow her artworks online at

“Bars” by Apple Aquino

Apple is in her fourth year in BA in Fashion Design and Technology whose passion is to illustrate female forms and clothes since she started college. Little did she know that she would fall inlove in different art forms which is shooting fashion editorials in both traditional and digital. Her “Bars” is about standing up for yourself and fighting for your beliefs and goals in life. Follow her on instagram @pommemai to see more of her artworks.

Apart from the art exhibit, you can also watch them making illustrations which is really amazing. Every stroke looks precise! Such gifted individuals!

It is nice to know that there are still young individuals pursuing the need for change and using their love for art as a vessel. Cheers to you guys! 🙂

To know more about iACADEMY, you can visit their office at iACADEMY Plaza, 324 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City. Or call them at +632.889.777.


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  2. Followed you back dear! Thanks!

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  15. I considered studying here before! It's really awesome and perfect for those who wants to learn more about the digital arts. Just look at ho talented the students are!

  16. I could probably sit there and watch them draw all day. It is something that I can't do and am amazed at the talent in others.

  17. This one's definitely a great venue to showcase the talents of their students. It's good exposure for the students.

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